Hi guys! I know this is sort of a cliche question, but how do you get staff to notice you more.
This is especially for my best friend who has been in the ATC for 3 years now, but it also applies to me too.

Ok, here goes. So my friend has been in the ATC for just coming up on 3 years now. he is a master cadet who has only just turned 16 making him a very early achiever for masters. He is a role model to other cadets and is respectful and honest with all staff and cadets on sqn. He has been , and done very well , on 2 JNCO courses and has respectable, almost great uniform. He is never late, shows initiative and is a great leader and no one on our squadron really understands why he is not getting the rank of Corporal {in addition he told me that our CO said that he was amazing was very likely to be next for promotion, yet two other cadets have been promoted since}

Please could you advise him on how to be noticed and recognised more by staff and how it will lead ti a promotion. He should be leaving for welbeck in September so everyone really wants to see him get to be an NCO but at the moment it doesnt look very likely. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated, thanks your favourite a/c recce-ist/er


Best way would be quite simply to ask the OC. Be careful how it’s phrased though - not a defensive “why haven’t I been promoted” complaint, but rather a “what can I do better to be considered NCO material?” type of conversation.


you can always search the boards for similar topics offering answers

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I am not saying all of those threads are full of great advice, but is a few I found which I am sure answer your question.

give them a read and consider your own situation and where you fit within the Squadron…