Asking about promotion?

I feel like I’m eligible to be promoted to Corpral soon; and I want to bring up the subject with my OC, but I don’t know how to go about doing so. Any help?

My friend told me last night that an Officer spoke to him saying he is impressed and is considering promoting him, even though I believe I show more confidence in terms of leadership and drill. I’ve been taking my flight for the past month and nobody noticed, but my friend has taken over twice and suddenly he is recognised. I’m sorry if I sound pretentious, but I feel like something here isn’t right.

Should I speak to the OC and express my concerns or leave it?


Best bet is to ask the very simple question of “if I want to be considered as a potential NCO, is there anything I should be trying to do or change?”

Don’t mention other cadets or complain about whether you have been noticed, just show willing to take on board feedback and put in effort to make the grade.

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Be sure to never say something like “when will I be promoted?” or “I should have been promoted before X”.

What I would say is don’t be under the impression that you haven’t been noticed just because no one has said anything. I often observe my cadets and make mental notes, good and bad. I don’t say “I saw you do that - well done” (unless it especially warrants it).

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I agree with MattB - getting promoted is not a right of passage and you don’t really know what the officer saw in your colleague to say what he did. My advice is the same as MattB and I would ask “Sir, what do I need to do to be considered for promotion”. The one thing that annoys more than most is when they are asked when someone will be promoted… treat the CO with respect, be realistic and you should get what you want in the end.

Do I just ask straight up in his office, or implicitly through a conversation?

Be direct. I would have more respect for one of my cadets who came to me politely and asked what they could do to be promoted than I would for a cadet that weasled their way around the topic and tried to get hints.

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