Cpl Promotion

Hi all,

I have been in the ATC for one year and half and looking towards a promotion.

My Classification is leading cadet and have past NCO experience in the ACF.

Im just looking if anyone has any tips and ‘how to be seen’ on a promotion to Corporal?


Get your head down and knuckle away. Get your uniform to a high standard, and get seen away from the squadron on the weekend activities. Don’y be the grey man though, show some leadership potential, as that is what promotion is based on not, how long you’ve been around.

Speak to your staff!

Be polite, but ask them what you’d need to do to be promoted, that’s got to be the easiest way of finding out.

look at the other NCOs on Sqn and compare and contrast between yourself…what are they doing/not doing that you are?

it could be standard of uniform, or personal discipline, or just being more active. a Cadet of 2 years who only attends the twice weekly evening meetings is less likely to be considered against a Cadet of 15 months who attended everything and has a breadth of experience

I concur with all the above. But, please remember one thing. Be wary when looking at NCO’s in other Sqn’s as their staff may have different opinions on what makes a good NCO. There is no hard and fast rule. A sqn I knew once (no names, no pack drills)were very poor in their selection using a “if your face fits” policy. But that’s the old ATC. Nowadays we are more likely to look at your endeavours.I wish you the best of luck for no other reason but that you were bothered to go and find out what is needed. Good man, well done.