I need some advice on promotion


Hello guys, I have been a cadet for about 4 years now and have achieved senior classification, I also try to help out newer cadets with tips, I go on alot of camps, I am usually 1st IC on activities etc yet I still have not been promoted and I am being left behind by all my friends as they are being promoted and mingling with other NCOs leaving me only with a bunch of newbies who are about three years younger than me, I know I am sounding really up-myself but Im starting to really get tired of being left behind, what am I doing wrong? Please tell me how I can improve. I mean I could threaten to leave the sqn unless I get promoted which would most likely get me promoted however I really don’t want to do that unlike other cadets who have done that because I wouldn’t feel like I have actually earned the promotion. Anyway does anyone else have a problem similar to this and could someone give me any tips as I am getting gradually more depressed every parade night which is a really big shame I as I really love the ATC


Obvious question: have you asked the CO what you need to do to get promoted?

That’s quite a common question and they should be able to give you pointers to where you need to improve.

But: you are right to avoid throwing a wobbly if you aren’t promoted. That, to me, would make you look too immature to be promoted which is exactly the opposite of what you want to achieve…


I know but what makes me is annoyed is people get promoted for doing just that


little more to add to tmmorris.

based on your post you seem like an ideal candidate to consider for promotion - however we can only go on what you have shared, not what you’ve missed out - critically what includes what you are not aware of.

that is the crux of the situation. you believe you are 100% complete as a Candidate for promotion, yet for 3 years you have not been shortlisted. the Staff, for whatever reason, will see this. It maybe simply not as competent as other candidates, the third choice for two promotional slots - however it could be something more fundamental and only your Staff can answer that.


Promotion is not time served nor to be expected.
I didn’t get promoted for nearly 4 years and like you did everything. But I got promoted eventually and the progression through the ranks was quite swift.

I didn’t really care that much as I enjoyed doing what I was doing.

Ask your staff why not.


having seen your post on the naming of a canteen break (here) it could so easily be this kind of attitude.

you indicate it is a “year long debate” - that is too long to be discussing it, which shows you cannot accept someone’s point of view and/or move on, particularly when you’re not accepted as being “right” - not exactly top skills of a leader.

best to speak to your staff and ask them what it is that means you’re continually overlooked


No one gets promoted by asking what they need to do to get promoted, but is it unfair if someone asks what they are doing wrong, fixes it and then gets promoted? I don’t think so.


Thank you for the advice I will talk to my CO about it, but I would like to clear a few things up first A. I never have thought of myself as an Ideal cadet as you state with the “100% believe quote” B. I know the amount of time in the ATC doesn’t translate necessarily to ranks, believe me Ik C, I don’t understand why you are analysing a light-hearted post (my previous post) so much in fact it takes an unnecessarily offensive stance towards me, however I am not sure if light hearted banter is the sort of thing allowed on this forum and that everything has to be over analysed, I am new so please forgive me


Is there any reason why you are being left with the newbies? don’t take this the wrong way as its great that you are helping them but maybe spend a little less time with them. Personally I see no wrong in asking the Squadron Warrant Officer or even your CO what specifically they see you needing to do to get promoted. Having some ideas of things that you would like to do to help the squadron is also a good way to get noticed. I feel your pain :-), 4 years can seem like a long time when you may have others getting promoted who joined before you.

Don’t threaten to leave, that doesn’t make sense to me and they could end up saying OK!

Good luck! Go out there, be respectful, gain advice on what you need to do and go do it. It sounds like you’re doing everything else right (going on activities, camps, helping the recruits etc).


than you very much this has helped alot, I will ask them, also I would just like to make this clear (not specifically to you) that I do not intend to go and demand a promotion or anything ridiculous as that(this is just for people who like to over-analyse these things as it seems to be a thing on the forum)


Over analysing isn’t unique to here. You’ll find it everywhere in life. You get used to it eventually.


Ha ha, forums bring out the worse in people especially hidden behind a username :slight_smile:


True It is the internet after all


in which case why do you feel fit for promotion?

[you have indicated your progression through the classification, evidence of leadership/instruction/mentoring towards junior member, experience on events, including camps, and as an IC on activities > that is a list of ideal qualities for promotion]

it may have been written as light-hearted, but it is read as argumentative trying to prove a point - the tone of the whole thread indicates as such

I am not sure what was offensive…

note - we can only go on the evidence provided to form an opinion on you and your situation.

here you indicate you have been wrongly overlooked for promotion/being left behind while others are promoted, elsewhere you try and settled a lengthy debate on something trivial.

you might see it as over-analysis others are simply looking at what can be seen and reacting to it


The ideal cadet doesn’t really exist.
From how you describe yourself, doing things etc, comes across as pretty much an ideal cadet. Someone like this as an NCO, would be good as they should / would encourage cadets to do the same.

Promotion is a gamble and perhaps the staff at your squadron see something that means they aren’t prepared to spin the dice. What you could do is take your concerns to the CO, but be prepared for something you might not like to hear. This is the same throughout life. Some people at work, don’t get promoted for similar reasons, their management might not think they want to risk it.