(COVID) Process Changes To No1 Uniform Issue

(mod comment: reply to Process to apply for MOD90)

Raised the question with ATF and they raised it with supply and they have just issued out an IBN on it now

No change though still doesn’t answer post MOD1-3 candidates that completed OIC what they process is unless it still goes via the PSU route

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Errrrr. that IBN makes no sense.

history: Officers used to get No1’s; in Sept 20 things changed.
now: No supply or fit from Tuner Virr after March 20"

And 2019DIN04-41 is a DIN that we don’t have access to. . .

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I also find it hard to believe that Turner Virr has been shut since Mar 2020.

Even harder to believe that they have only just shut - can’t work out what the current state is

In September 2020 this changed… though we didn’t bother telling you until June 2021 and referred to a 2019 DIN.

Nothing wrong with our internal comms


I think what they meant is they stopped issuing with lockdown last March but policy updated in Sept.

I can confirm though that my moral standing won’t be affected, my morale might.


I can confirm theyve had limited operation … I emailed about a new set a few weeks ago and the response was they’ve been issuing No1s from a stock but RAF have said for RAF graduation only. Very little bespoke made

I’m still waiting to be measured up having done MOD1-3 last year. I just hope that the decision isn’t made to just chin off No1s for officers while there will be relatively little resistance

Well I don’t get issued them so it would bring into line with a blanket approach for CFAVs


Yes, it is completely unfair that SNCOs aren’t issued then.

I do think that if they were chinned off for everyone, within a few years there would be so many people without no1s that there would be no choice but to have parades where No2A is worn for everyone, meaning no No1s for anyone.


I’d be game for that they are an expensive pain isln the backside

Except people would just buy them like SNCO’s currently do.

After all Officers only get issued the one set so we’ve all been buying replacements anyway.

I think that’s their whole business model…

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Indeed, this.

SNCOs moaning about not getting number 1s is rediculous.
If that’s the reason people would consider being an Officer…

I’m not convinced they will. Very few people would buy them new from Turner Virr or snaiths. Perhaps those on their second set might.

Partworn ORs No1s are also more plentiful than officers/WOs. Based on the numbers of ORs compared with officers/WOs in the RAF

Turner Virr have continued doing regulars No.1/5s, they aren’t exactly off the shelf but not fully bespoke either

I can’t see this happening - could you imagine joint events such as CVQO staff awards… All other services turn up properly suited and booted and we turn up in a wooly pully. It’d be daft.

I could see it moving to a private purchase / wing hold stock that you can borrow for parades, events etc.

But can you imagine what a farce that would be with staff trying to draw out/return uniform to wing and wings holding suitable sizes etc. It would be worth the £400 for a set not to have to deal with the hassle!

I think this is similar to the ACF model

Another reason to then reduce the WO Cadre numbers


Off topic warning - why make the big point of them being Privileged to wear the rank? Why is the royal coat of arms more of a privilege than bars or chevrons? Just because it’s new doesn’t make it special. They are WOs - they should have always worn them - I’d say they are ENTITLED to wear the rank since they hold the rank.