Cadet Relationships in Uniform

Hi all, i’m a staff cadet and had completed my AVIP course a couple of months ago accordingly, however recently something has cropped up on my squadron that wasn’t covered about it in detail. The RAFAC strictly forbids staff & cadets over 18 having relationships with cadets under the age of 18, which is completely fine, which is what we were told on the AVIP course. The thing that i am questioning that was not on the AVIP course was how we deal with cadets being ‘overly close’ (6’ rule etc) with their significant other at squadron events. In my particular circumstance a cadet was kissing their boyfriend at a squadron event, whilst in uniform, of course it was lovely that young people like this are able to feel this way for each other, however I know that this is strictly forbidden in the actual military (source: Recruit Gets In Trouble for Kissing Her Boyfriend On Navy Grounds | Yearbook - YouTube), i’m unsure as to whether to bring this up to the said cadet in question, both the cadet and the other are under 18, so there’s nothing wrong with it in that sense.

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