You know what really makes me happy?


Seeing what they suggest pleases me no end. People doing things like this are beneath contempt and just shows how low society has sunk when people think this it is alright to do it. I really hope they find the biggest book and chuck it at them.

I’d ban them for 2 years, fine them several thousand and if at all possible stop them owning a mobile phone or other mobile device. They could cope with a driving ban and fine, but no mobile their lives would collapse.


Greek no vote in their referendum.

Could this be the beginning of the end for the single currency experiment? Given it was designed with the Germans and French in mind (who both broke the euroo rules in the early days, but dismissed it) less prosperous countries were never really going to do well after their honeymoon period.
Will some of the other countries eg Spain Italy, Portugal and Eire, think they can do the same. Interesting times ahead, especially as we’ll get a go at an in/out vote.


One of my mates who works in a school sent me this and has brightened my day … not sure about pupils/parents but I’ve seen cadets like these


Just been speaking to some of the women here and they were berating the woman who complained about someone commenting on how nice she looked on Linkedin.

Their view which has made me smile … lap up all the compliments while you can as it stops all to soon and there comes a time when you take what you can get and be thankful.
I said how nice they all looked as I walked away, just so I didn’t get lynched.

Mind you it said she’s a human rights lawyer so probably not known for a sense of humour.


That I’m being dined out by my old Sqn tonight. Then I’m off to America next week for 3 weeks! (Not connected)


The Wing Feds finally caught up with you Leeroy?


Not happy as such but amusing.
At a small gathering of fellow sqn cdrs to look at the coming months jointery, one relayed a conversation with a group of parents.
The sqn started using FB to keep cadets and parents informed a few months ago, but they had noticed mixed attendances with lots of can’t make it messages. At a recent parade the parents said to her I’m really glad you’ve started using FB as we can now decided whether or not it’s worth them coming to the sqn on a night if it doesn’t look very exciting when they’ve got homework to do or it doesn’t fit in with mum / dad taxi. Apparently pre FB the cadets felt they had to go to the sqn to keep up with what was going, but now it seemed actually going to the sqn is an option based on what is going on.
I know a number of squadrons with FB / online presence have said they notice cadets picking and choosing and even on a pen and paper sqn like mine cadet attendance can be a bit like this anyway tell them what’s going on in a couple of weeks and some don’t attend, but it seemed online trg progs and reminders about this/that has in this instance was being openly used to decide attendance and admitted to by parents and cadets.
The sqn cdr said they were considering either putting things on the trg prog and changing it on the night or remove all references to what is going on. They weren’t happy


We make it email only to the officia sqn address…


“You want to know why your son hasn’t been picked for X? Simple, he/she only turns up for sport, adv trg and other stuff like. He is still a 1st class cadet four year on because he/she doesn’t show for classification training, and he’s been demonated. Cause and effect”.


Rugby :earth_africa: :trophy: :popcorn:


Obviously not an Englishman … for the time being.


Making me uber happy? Closing off last years Sports England Small Grant paperwork. It’s like a tonne of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders! :slightly_smiling:

Fingers crossed they accept it (if they don’t, you’ll see a Grinding My Gears post appear in the next 2 weeks!!!)


English and Scottish FAs sticking two fingers up to FIFA over FIFA’s ridiculous ban on wearing a poppy in next Friday’s match.:smile:


Trump winning the presidential election.

Mrs Clinton has to be one of the most reprehensible women on the planet and a failure as a politician. She was effectively given this on a plate and on the face of it couldn’t convince the Yanks that she as a career politician was a better option for president than a to all intents a ‘builder’ with no political history.

I wonder if the Yanks will take this to the law courts seeking the democratic decision to be overturned on the basis that the people voting didn’t know what they were doing, like the condescending remoaner wasters in the UK.


Can’t stump the trump!

I told everyone it would happen and I got laughed at. Clinton is a crook.

If Bernie ran instead, things may well be very different.

Only thing to top this off is if Killary gets put behind bars.

2016, the year the regressive left and corrupt politicians got bitch slapped by the people.


Let’s just hope that NATO can survive four years with a complete idiot in charge of the US…


“Let’s just hope that NATO can survive four years with a complete idiot in charge of the US…”

But Killary lost. What you on about?


Hillary may have lost, but she was an establishment idiot who wouldn’t have changed much.

Trump is a loose cannon who has already shown that he isn’t interested in things that strongly affect the rest of the world, like NATO, keeping Russia down and climate change agreements.


I wanted him to win, but thought she’d nick it.

I don’t think she needs to go behind bars. Having to go down in history as a woman who railed against women who complained when they were assaulted by her husband, couldn’t win an election against someone like Donald Trump and not getting the nomination when Obama was selected as her paragraph in history is enough of a sentence as an abject failure.

The other really funny thing is that the pollsters have got it wrong again I don’t know who pays these people, but I’d want my money back. If people are anything like me, when confronted by these and on exit polls I always say something other than what I will do or have done.


The polls were wrong because it’s a way to manipulate the people.

Statistics and polls can be manipulated. People are easy to manipulate, stupid and forgetful. The liberal bias media try to sway people to vote for a “winner” but there was enough people and enough passion in brexit, and Trump to bitch slap the regressive left and the liberal media.

Constantly throughout this campaign Trump and supporters have had to fight, with people forgetting so much of the stuff from Clinton. It’s been a constant bias.