You know what really makes me happy?


What has he expressed about NATO? Apart from that the US contributes more to their defence than any other country.

Climate change is a conspiracy dude.

And Russia doesn’t need “keeping down”. Russia is not our enemy and has openly expressed a desire for an alliance against our common enemy of Extremist Islam. Putin isn’t as bad as he is painted by the liberal main stream media.


Comrad Scrinson, the FSB aren’t watching you anymore. You can sleep safe.


Russia is a bit of an odd fish and about as predictable as election outcomes. The problem ie they aren’t and won’t be as open as they would be expected to be. I think it’s a bit like a new coat of paint in house that’s for sale.

The post USSR situation wasn’t really understood as you through generations of people from a situation where the state took care of everything (regardless of how bad it may have been) to one where people were left to their own devices and many couldn’t cope, hence the ‘repatriation’ into the Russian family in Crimea and problems in Ukraine. But like all good socialists they are all equal, but some more equal than others.

As for whatever the new whichever head of state does, the thing to remember is that the civil servants (unless it’s a dictatorship) run the show and here today gone tomorrow politicians while they may have some say aren’t as all powerful. Watch Yes Minister/Prime Minister. I recall Obama rambling on about I’ll do this and that and then it didn’t happen as he wasn’t (as no one would be) aware of everything. So while Trump has said I’ll do this and that, will find out soon that he can’t do it all. I think this is why so many people get frustrated that election campaign promises that never come to fruition and surprised when things do happen like Cameron’s promise to hold a referendum. I think he made that as he didn’t think he’d be in with a majority and have to do it.


[quote=“RearAdmiralScrinson, post:81, topic:374”]
What has he expressed about NATO? Apart from that the US contributes more to their defence than any other country.

[quote=“RearAdmiralScrinson, post:81, topic:374”]
Climate change is a conspiracy dude.
[/quote]If you honestly believe that, there there’s really no point in my engaging with you on that particular point

[quote=“RearAdmiralScrinson, post:81, topic:374”]
And Russia doesn’t need “keeping down”. Russia is not our enemy and has openly expressed a desire for an alliance against our common enemy of Extremist Islam. Putin isn’t as bad as he is painted by the liberal main stream media.
[/quote]Extremist Islam is a nuisance. Russia is a threat.


well there is a debate… Climate change is it all manmade or is it a naturally occurring thing (that may or may not be accelerated through manmade emissions)???


What debate?

There is an overwhelming scientific consensus that the Earth is warming up and that it’s extremely likely that it’s caused by human activity. So what is there to debate?


No debate, piffle.

What the it’s all man made debate doesn’t account for are historic (geological timescales) episodes of atmospheric warming and cooling. What we can’t do is factor out the man made from what may have been a natural episode of warming and we’ve added to it. Having done geology to A Level and followed it with a general interest ever since, it’s not clear cut as it is only a general speculation as to what caused heating and warming prior to humans being the dominant species.

There is also something else to on consider in the world market we live in which is would everyone be willing to pay a heck of a lot more or forgo their mocca frappe latte extra shots, wines, beers, bottled waters, foreign foods, fridges. freezers, seasonal vegetables and fruits all year round, exotic holidays, work within walking distance or easy horse and cart or stagecoach or bike ride of their home, shop for everything where they live etc etc, if the answer to any of them is no, then you are a nett contributor to “man made climate change” and having a ‘carbon neutral/negative’ house, reed bed composters, burning only wood, turing lights or heating off ain’t gonna make any difference. Which even the simpering Guardianistas would struggle to cope without. Imagine a vegetarian or vegan having to live off just seasonal produce, there’d be less of them either by choice or natural selective processes. There’s only so much you could do with a turnip or potato in mid-winter.

I’m not too old to remember when mum buying some satsumas in early December meant Christmas was on its way, now you can get them all year round and they aren’t as special and similarly strawberries weren’t an a year round fruit.


Who said “it’s all man-made”?

The scientific consensus is that “it is extremely likely that it is predominantly man-made”.

What is there to debate? If there is a debate, it will be between two sides - the side looking at the science, and the side that doesn’t want to believe it.

Maybe you’d also like a debate about whether the Earth orbits the sun?


Um, you may be surprised to know that, technically, it doesn’t…


Yes, OK technically it orbits the centre of mass of the solar system, which is for all practical purposes essentially the Sun.


What I was trying to get across is that the experts and people who like to blame humankind for the change would be unlikely to take the sort of steps required to stop and reverse the process as it would impinge on a lifestyle that many hundreds of millions if not billions have grown accustomed to, which has resulted in the situation we find ourselves. Also without the sort of development we as a species have enjoyed, they wouldn’t be able to have the jobs they do and not be able (ironically) travel the world for meetings to tell us how bad we have been.

As a result the only solution is make everyone pay more for energy as a sort of penance for the thousands of years of industrial development. Essentially be punished for the sins of our forebears. Frankly I don’t why we are bothering; turning off the odd light or turning down thermostats or not using a car aren’t going to make one iota of difference, unless everything is looked at and those countries currently developing industry are curtailed.


China and the US between them account for nearly half of all the world’s CO2 emissions. If they actually commit to lowering that output - and they have, which the Donald isn’t particularly keen on - then they can make a real difference.


Which seems to be have been part of his campaign - to exit the Paris Climate “agreement” - but surprisingly, China doesn’t think that is a good idea.


People can say they will commit to anything and it then depends if / how they do it. If they find they can’t they alter their commitment.

In the UK the govt’s commitment has been to stitch us up with inefficient power supply systems, imposing surcharges and the myth of electric vehicles which according to what you read are powered by magic. No one seems to accept that the electricity has to be produced, but as long as it’s not within eyesight then is doesn’t matter.


Are you on actual drugs?

Extremist Islam is a nuisance? Russia is a threat? Are you actually on medication? If not. You need to be.

Was it a Russian that ploughed through innocent families in a truck in Nice?

Or strapping IEDs and killed innocent people for a different belief system?

Is Russia using our prison system as a breeding ground for more indoctrination?

Is Russia hiding behind a religion to kill innocent people?

Has Russia integrated countries through a stupid and dangerous freedom of movement act?

Has Russia been burning down all girls schools with the fire escapes blocked?

Has Russia been beheading innocent people in their own communities?

It is very much the other way around. And that is incredibly naive and typically liberal of you to think such. I bet you wanted to vote for Killary too.

Russia would be a powerful ally. And we need to put aside this childish and outdated Cold War fears aside to work against a common enemy. Say what you want about Syria but Russia doesn’t mess about in war, and they are he only ones that have a clear plan to reinstate their government, instead of doing what we do, and arming rebels that inherently end up in ISIS hands.

Stop choking down the liberal mainstream media.

What makes me laugh? This video, warning it has a LOT of swearing so maybe NSFW, but this is effectively everything I have been saying for years, and I was right about the Indy vote, I was right about the General election, I was right about Brexit, I was right about the prison epidemic and I was right about trump:


Does ISIS have a large standing army, tactical and strategic aviation assets, a functioning navy and a large nuclear arsenal? Is it currently on the borders of NATO?

Terrorism is clearly a bad thing, but more people in the UK die from being accidentally suffocated by their beds than from Islamist terrorism.


I’m not concerned about Russia, Putin might be flexing his muscles but he isn’t going to try and invade the west or drop a bomb on Central London.

I am however concerned about bombs going off on the London Underground again, be that from Islamic Terrorists or the resurgent Irish Terrorism.


In that case, let’s just pack up go home and forget all about ISIS.
We need to start a campaign against pillows! Heavens!

Russia doesn’t want a Cold War. Russia has expressed it wants an alliance. Stop choking down the bias liberal mainstream media.

And yes. iSIS has a large standing army, funding, infrastructure and logistical chain. Who knows how long it is until they get an established Navy, Airforce or indeed Nuclear/Dirty capabilities. I don’t want to let them grow big enough to find out.

Russia has western values. ISIS hates western values and wants to drag the world into a second dark ages.

Russia isn’t the old Russia it use to be.

Russia isn’t attaching IEDs to teenagers with Down syndrome.
Russia isn’t throwing gays off of the highest building in the village.
Russia isn’t smearing kids across Tarmac in France.
Russia isn’t shooting cartoonists for drawing a fictional character from a fairytale.
Russia isn’t the threat. It hasn’t been a threat for some time.

The enemy of my enemy, is my friend.


Russia can express whatever it likes, its actions are what speak far louder.

And Western values? Don’t make me laugh.

I never said that we should give up the fight against ISIS - it’s a fight worth fighting. But if it came down to a choice between that and our NATO commitments, then I know which I’d chose.


don’t argue with stupid people, they take you down to their level and then beat you with experience…