You know what really makes me happy?

  1. Getting to the top of the seven day leaderboard on Fitocracy in the ACC group and eventually shunting MattB out of the way…

  2. Packing for a week of ice climbing in Scotland courtesy of CCAT.


A weekend with no cadet activities … nice


Getting out of the office for the day - and solving a problem using levers and pulleys. Haven’t done that since A level physics… and back then they only let us solve such problems on paper. In this instance, I actually USED science IN PRACTICE (albeit without calculating the actual forces in use - just doing it to make life a smidgen easier!) :slight_smile:

Oh, and I used a 3, 4, 5 triange to make sure something was at right angles.

Go me!!! :slight_smile:

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Completing said Winter Climbing Course without getting avalanched… which, if you’ve been watching the news over the last week, appears to be no mean feat!

It’s sunny today and I drove with my windows down for the first time this year. And I went to the beach!

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A week in the Lake District!!

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5 days working on the big red trucks at the Australian International Airshow!!! Yay

Last shift is working on the “far side” truck that sits under the display line to deal with the after effects of pyros! Saturday 1st can’t come quick enough!

Finding out that not only do i get a weeks leave rather than just good friday and easter monday, but that i get a weeks leave in June, and that i will hopefully make a playing return to that wonderful game of rugby union in less than a month

Last night I had a chance to chat with a prospective new CI who just happens to be an ex-rock Wg Cmdr. He is ace!

Also, a Detective Inspector turned up at the same moment as the above. Heart in mouth moment and not a good introduction, but it turned out everything was fine!

pay day B)

It’s my 21st!

[quote=“Stand Out” post=5045]It’s my 21st![/quote]21st what?

Bah Mitzvah.

Signing up for another couple of sprint triathlons… :evil:

BBC 3 - Tuesdays - 22:00 - Bluestone 42 -

Bluestone 42 is an eight-part comedy drama about a British bomb disposal detachment in Afghanistan during Operation Herrick. It is a series about a bunch of soldiers who love being soldiers, and the camaraderie, bonds and banter they share, even though they are risking their lives defusing hidden bombs.

This comedy appealed to my sense of humour and it’s not often I say that about BBC 3 comedy :worthy: .

Survived my first Civcom meeting and got praise from the WExO too!

Daughter getting the 2012 Dacre Brooch nomination for … & … Region.

A very proud father.

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[quote=“romeo bravo” post=5343]Daughter getting the 2012 Dacre Brooch nomination for … & … Region.

A very proud father.[/quote]
Many congrats. Just think, if your Y’s had swum a bit harder, it would’ve been a sword. And they are wayyyyy cooler! :wink:

In other news, saw Bluestone 42 last night. Laughed. Hard.

One of our drillships is currenty upgrading their TV system, so thought I would ask for 3 of the “old” flat screen TVs for the squadrons flight sim. This afternoon I got a phone call from our warehouse to say the TVs had arrived. So up I pop to collect them, seems the guy on the ship got his figures wrong and sent me 3 pallet loads… :lol: