You know what really makes me happy?

Now we’re talking!


Receiving rail warrants in under 24 hours due to a biblical increase in the region’s CS efficiency.

I am hopeful for what this new era brings …


The organisation has seen sense!!!

ACP20 Updated with the following:

External Activities

  1. CI applicants who are new to the organisation may participate in external activities when they:

a. Are accompanied by another volunteer who is not under probation.

b. Have successfully completed AVIP.

c. Are in date all mandatory training.

d. Hold a valid DBS check.

“External activities” are considered to be off-sqn activities where the probationary CI would be required to act as a fully trained volunteer staff member and have responsibility for cadets, including overnight stays. Attendance of probationary CIs on personal training/development courses and Rgn/Wg trg days is permitted without the need for a waiver.


Finally! This is a good change.

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While it’s not as much of an issue these days with uCheck speeding up the DBS process, we’re still sadly stuck with

New joiners are not to attend parade nights or take part in any activity until in receipt of a BPSS and DBS/PVG clearance, at which point an applicant may
attend sqn parade nights only under close supervision pending formal appointment.

I would love to see that be re-written to be “New joiners can, at Sqn OC’s digression, attend parade nights prior to receipt of BPSS and DBS if under close supervision

Well that game was far harder then I expected, but I’ve finally completed it!


how many matches? or is it best to wait 24 hours first to give the community to react?

I thought it was like golf and you’re aiming for the lowest score?

from an admin point of view yes - fewer are better to manage - but higher:

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Its 1999 all over again!

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ACC Meetup?

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Bro the lack of persec there is absolutely unreal :rofl:

Living life on the edge

Lets all go to Soton on 3rd May.


Is a room full of nerds considered a HVT?


Race Across The World is back on the 10th April!

You have no idea how genuinely overjoyed this makes me. Without a doubt my favourite modern TV show.


I feel seen by this article.

After seeing the ways in which my generation have been royally rodgered (some deliberate, some not), and how many of the old fallacies have been proven to be false (working hard earns you a better life), I also find myself questioning the point of slogging it out for years on end with no tangible return.

My current role is probably the most meaningful I’ve held. It has its stresses, but they’re much less than in the corporate world I came from. But even here, my salary has reduced in real terms by about 5-6% since I started despite a rise in workload.

Not sure why the article had to be so gendered, but otherwise it hits home.


More of this please

…although it’s ironic getting these temperatures the day after my heating finally starts works again.

Work doubling sick leave

Introducing salary sacrifice car scheme

And internet subsidaries!