You know what really makes me happy?

The intro day will give you a start on some of the technical and personal skills, depending on your start point. What it won’t give you is the leadership experience needed for a PSL course (although the training helps).

IMO you’d be better doing the intro and then finding sqns locally you can tag along with (cough maybe me cough). That builds your experience, then you can get a personal performance award which will give you the knowledge you can operate in the right environment, then focus on the leadership stuff.

Think of it like walking - your own ability to read a map is good for you, but doesn’t give you the skills to lead a group in BEL/Lowland territory.

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I was looking at SK PPA… But I can’t take leave during that time of year. Might have to look at that one privately.

MMH. Booked a days leave next week. Totally forgot about it. And no idea why or when I booked it. But it’s there… So now I’m going to go and do something!!!


Did you book it for, dare I say it, *mas shopping?

Maybe we just need a group for those with quals who want to get out for a few days… but then I guess that’s what the top up your logbook weeks are for.

Some co-ordination required to align people to a TUYLB week for some silliness.

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Be nice to do one a bit further south. Maybe get a bunkhouse?

How far south?

Maybe we should start a new thread?


Update…shes tested positive which means play station time has been scuppered

As much as we were all joking about it, I do hope you’re both doing alright!



Spent the day on The Mall for a State Visit, always impressive to see the Household Cavalry and the Royal Coach.



That is all.


Just realised that a training course I’ve booked onto means I’m not going to be around for the school Christmas Fayre. Not only do I get two nights of peace, but I avoid one of my most hated events.


Applied for funding to complete the bachelor’s through work… With any luck, I’ll have my top up funded. :crossed_fingers:


Good lad!

Don’t think it’s the smartest choice for a May start and a new arrival in Feb…

Would be boring if it wasnt hard

The four guilty ‘men’ sentenced today for the murder of Ashley Dale, this lunchtime at Liverpool Crown Court to life imprisonment for a minimum of between 41 and 47 years. They will be in their 60s and 70s before they will be eligible for parole, should they survive in prison that long.

Even the defence could not produce statements of mitigation before sentencing commenced.

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Smashed my Inspectors exam out of the park with barely any studying and with a 2 week old baby in the house :smile: