You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Did you keep using the same modem when you changed from dial up internet to broadband?


This is the same level of jump.

That’s why not.

And fyi, 4g came about commercially 10 years ago. But 3g still works. You don’t want 5g? Don’t get it.



The same was true when 4G was released…

You can’t put a VHS in a DVD player. Your VHS player still works though. (Well, my mum’s does anyway).

That’s the only example i know of and don’t know if it’s coming to the UK. I also doubt it will be greatly cost-effective.

You can’t use 4G with a 3G Phone. But you don’t HAVE to buy a 4G phone. In truth, for the majority, there will be no need to buy 5G ready tech because the infrastructure won’t be in place yet to support it.

2G is likely to outlive 3G (EE are already repurposing some 3G masts to 4G LTE), but if you aren’t interested in browsing and download speeds then your phone will work for calls and texts.

It’s been true for decades that technological advancement is exponential. Moore’s Law states that processing speed doubles (praphrased) every 18 months and had only recently begun to slow. Also, look at the difference in storage size from just a few years ago.

Buy a laptop, then go to the same store/website a year later and compare specs. Technology is always changing.


3G is almost 20 years old as a viable technology.


And, as an aside, I’ve never managed to keep a phone alive for longer than 18months anyway. They are just too fragile for my fat fingers!!!


Doesn’t mean it doesn’t work, though.

Biplanes aren’t viable. But they still fly.
An old 3310 will still work to receive and make calls, even on a 6g network.


Indeed - for now, at least. And would that be the Donald Trump cup-and-string 6G network?

I used “viable” to mean a fully developed and tested. I think the first 3G tech began release around 2001 and was first introduced in the UK in 2003. It was in discussion and development for about 20 years prior!

It’s worth pointing out as well that there is no single version of 3G or 4G tech. Nor will there be a single 5G. It’s a family of data transfer methods within a scope of set requirements.


Mobile tech does last for years - my mum is quite happily using an iPhone 6 which my ex originally bought in late 2014.

It’s had a new screen (accidental breakage) and new battery (wear and tear) and is otherwise fine.


My sister finally upgraded from an Iphone 3 last month, she bought it new over 10 years ago. I think the battery lasts about an hour before dying but could easily be replaced and last her another 10 years.

Unless you are interested in the best tech and fastest speeds there is no need to upgrade every 1-2 years, the tech will last a long time. I have no option but to upgrade regularly, like @batfink i drop my phone on a regular basis and normally get to around 12 months before i kill it.


this kind of thing


Teflon’s great-great-great granddad? Video


The weather… what happened to the early spring we were having this week, back to rain now :frowning:


I fail to see the problem with the forecast rain on a weekend.

Now, where’s my canoe paddle…


it’s no fun doing archery in the rain though!


Or Flying :cold_sweat:


I don’t know. Archery whilst flying sounds great fun


Sounds like the Avengers film


Currently grinding my gears is new trousers…putting in the new crease in the right place and removing the old one :rage::rage::rage::rage:


You clearly know how to rock a Friday night!


Iron on high, no water, no steam, applied directly to the trouser. Press down hard in a single spot for 10 seconds at a time.



Presentation evening tomorrow and manic saturday…id rather be asleep :joy: