You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


How different is the content from the material provided by Staffs Wg? The book they previously sold (aimed at cadets) was extremely similar. It may be produced by the same person, but why buy a hard copy when it’s available online?


my bold highlights the difference.

this is a “instructors” book, your discussion a “student” book…


I may have been unclear. I mean what is the difference in content between the instructor’s book and the content provided by Staffs Wg at


It is high time that HQAC came clean about the relationship between them and CD, as it comes across as very dodgy as HQAC seem to give them exclusive supply deals and quite happy that volunteer staff and cadets are fleeced.
How this book can be priced at £15.95 is very much inline with the rip off merchants they are.


Their interactive uniform guide gives some very questionable advice regarding the prep of uniform


This fella did the original First class revision guide, I would say it’s probable that he has done the instructors guide ? Not 100% though!



Anyone have the free pdf version :smirk:


Never really understand all the moaning about this series of resources - HQAC don’t provide it, and aren’t interested in doing so. Therefore someone goes to a lot of trouble to produce the material privately, and decides to sell it, because they put a lot of effort into it so why not. Let’s not forget - produces a huge amount of material for Staffs Wing at zero profit.

To put this in context, there are a stack of books and material on Scouting, did each of the authors of these books receive the same level of animosity? I highly doubt it.

The chap who wrote this literally works his backside off for the Air Cadets, more so than any member of staff of I have ever met. I don’t begrudge even the slightest bit that he sells his hard work for a small profit.


I dont think anyone on here really does.

I think the point being made is that in an ideal world, our heirarchy would produce or acquire for free distribution (i.e. at HQ cost) materials to this standard for each sqn.

In my opinion the chap deserves the £1 per book!


No one has in any way disrespected the author. What were annoyed at is that our organisation didn’t pick up on this great idea, so now we have to buy what he was offering for free!


this is the irony we could have it for free but HQAC said no

HOWEVER the money has to come from somewhere - if it isn’t from the Customers of CD buying the CD product and was a HQAC document then would HQAC pay for 1000 copies (1x per Sqn) to be printed off??
no due to the cost

it is disheartening to hear however that HQAC rejected this completely.
We do have Leading and Senior/MAC topics with presentations and instructor notes available via Utilearn and thus free being a digital platform.
if this was shared in the same manner everyone is a winner, save perhaps the author who is simply recognised and thanked for their time.


Surely reprographics at Cranwell could have been co-opted to do it for us. It wouldn’t be free but would have been much cheaper than going to a commercial printer.


Is there not someone at RAFAC HQ appointed for the production of such resources?


I think they’re low on staff/volunteers, judging by the email sent out to SW region last week or so.


Yeah…one of my CIs is re doing Principles Of Flight, Air Nav and Pilot Nav


Glad that volunteer expertise is being utilised #strongetogether etc etc.


The tragic thing about HQAC is they rely on volunteers to fill gaps as they have no real idea and cut them off at the knees.
I recall chatting to a chap who was involved in the cadet CV, which apparently sat in a drawer for ages, before it came to the fore and apparently he said there have been umpteen studies undertaken by volunteers, which because they aren’t “on message” get ‘lost’.
So this chap doing this and HQAC rejecting / pooing pooing it would seem to be SOP.
I hope @AlexCorbin’s CI doesn’t get the same short shrift.


As long as he takes that degree level lesson on stalling and kills it with fire, he’ll be fine.


Hes an ex BA training captain and really good a dumbing it down so hopefully will be some good output

Hes activley training the trainer for Principles of flight for pur region


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