You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


GMG. Its gone dark outside. Again. Cant even see what the weather is. But i bet its rubbish.


Turns out theyve come from BZN with a glued crease in :sob:



I genuinely own one of these in my office for just these occasions.:raised_hands:


People at HQAC replying all to the “Cyprus is cancelled” emails and inadvertently emailing the whole organisation!


Seen. Resisted the temptation to return fire.


What gets me more is when you look at the email chain, All chaplains, All VGS, All ACLO, All 2FTS etc etc.

Send an email to wings who are affected who can forward onto the tiny number of squadrons who have cadets going, rather than filling up my inbox with rubbish that does not interest me or have anything to do with the squadron.

People sending All.XXX need to be less lazy.

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I understand the original email being to all Squadrons and All Wings, after all it was a Corps wide Camp with 500 applications. It’s just the incompetence of not only replying all but the replying all again!


If the sender uses BCC carefully this can be avoided.


HQAC ran by an adminer full of adminers but can’t even write an official and important letter correctly and you expect that they can write an email…

HQAC = Headquarters administration correction


I am really hoping that someone replies back to 2292’s email asking to stop hitting reply all… by replying to all saying No.


I came very close to replying OK


Still no real reason why it was cancelled!


I wonder if the
uncertainty about when we leave the eu;
many other reasons as to why the RAF can’t support camps
cost of air fares
have all contributed to this.


Heard it was cost of flights. RAF couldn’t block book flights in trooper for Op reasons, civvie flights couldn’t confirm seat availability across 6 consecutive weeks except for at stupid costs.


How many of these debacles is it going to take for HQAC to just bin the Cyprus camps and put the resources into UK camps instead?

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With the cost of coaches booked through the Calamity system, we could do with those resources!

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I can see within 10 years overseas camp stopping all together


10 years… youre an optimist!


The problem is one of their own making, they lnow when the camps are but don’t book the flights until late. If they go to Ryan Air the day the flights come out and book X tickets they wouldn’t have these problems. Hell of they had a decent Corporate Comms Department someone like Easy Jet might even subsidise for a bit of free advertising.

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