You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Or the reply to all to ridicule the person who hit reply all. Although that makes me laugh more than grinds my gears…


I see you have met my wexo then!:joy:


Agreed - I’d assume that the activity organiser would adjust the SMS event post activity to accurately reflect he cadets and staff that were in attendance as this is what I do to ensure accuracy in the “Activities tab” records - perhaps that is an assumption too far ><


This and cadet direct in general


Are you annoyed that they seem to be making a better effort to support our instructors than HQAC are?
Maybe our own HQ needs a financial incentive!

I wonder if CD got the necessary written permissions for the commercial use of the images on the cover.


Wait, wha? Why don’t we produce those!


Just the fact that this kind of professional sourced training material should be avaliable free of charge to units. Not having to rely on a third party to produce it in order to gain a huge profit margin



Im wondering if HQAC have a commercial interest in the book itself, by agreeing for CD to use the content of our First Class logbooks and images do they then get an envelope full of £50’s?


is this material not already available FOC as part of the instructor notes included with the powerpoints? (its been a long time since I used the ppt files, i don’t teach my first class subject using them)

NB this is an instructors notes not necessarily “training material” looking at the photos they have it offers hints and tips on how to teach items/lesson plan but doesn’t do the work for the instructor. they still need to know the subject…


How do we expect the government to sort Brexit when they can’t even get the trains running?


At least there are trains - as in, they exist…


Produced by a Sqn OC… HQAC were not interested

His wing have purchased for every Sqn at cost price


How much are they?


I got two of the original batch.

Great to give to a new instructor, who doesn’t have much prior knowledge.

But I mirror the comments… Why aren’t our own HQ producing these?


Who says the ‘model’ is a member of the ACO/RAF?


If it was a staged picture they did a poor job - it looks like an opportunistic snap during a cadet swap at AEF. Also, Babcock people are getting iffy about being photographed.


There are enough pictures freely available on the internet of people and aircraft.


But copyright on those pictures does not automatically permit commercial use, even if they are publicly available.


And you think CD may have not thought about this, maybe it’s one of CDs own staff who own the pictures.


I have no trust in them whatsoever. Even if their staff took the photo, they need commercial release from the parents of the minors pictured.

They may have this, but I would love to know for certain whether this has been considered and that everything is legal and above board.