You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Rear fog lights. It’s stupid, but I can cope with the front ones 90% of the time, but some dumb duck pottering along a clear stretch after 20m of mild mist with those bleddy red beacons of blindness…

Or how about people who overtake me when I pull over for ambulance behind them?


Going to work looking like they are on the Tour de France
Who think they don’t need lights
Who have flashing lights
Who think the rules of the road don’t apply to them
who seem to think FOOTPATHS in the town/countryside is for them and get snotty when you don’t move out of the way

BTW I’ve been a cyclist for 50 years and find modern cyclists baffling


I mean that’s great for you but i am talking about people who hate cyclists for no reason, like a soon as they see a cyclist they hate them that’s what i hate.


Do they have them on trains?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Bulbs can be a bit annoying (although on my car they’re very annoying - but I still replace them myself using basic tools).

Oil filters are generally easy to change even on modern cars.

And I’ve no idea why you’d want or need to replace an alternator by the side of the road.


As a challenge?:joy:


The number of units that I’ve never spoken to but invite to stuff on SMS and then don’t close the activity :rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:


Tbf it’s not just units. I have activities from 2015 opened by regions and wings still open!


HQAC still have a D&C camp open.


Activities should automatically close as soon as the completion time is reached and do away with the ridiculous report. It’s pointless at the best of times, but when you are closing as seems to happen with Wing events months or years later the report is even more pointless.

I would also do away with the requirement for female cover for all activities, as I wonder if there was the scope, if an activity had an all female staffing, would you be asked for male staff to be added?
I think of Primary schools where in the case of our kids the only male was the caretaker; teachers, office staff, kitchen and lunch supervisors all female but they did trips etc with no men supervising.


I consider them units too, as they are the organising unit.

What’s worse is some of these aren’t even approved!


Noone reads post activity reports. I know this because I deliberately write silly reports to see.


RIAT wasn’t approved until months after the event - my WExO refused to see my 1771 while the event remained open, as if it was my responsibility to sort the event SMS so he could sort out the event admin!


This is understood and there are changes planned in this area.

There is still a need to finalise and close off an activity though, and the need will become greater when we get VA tied to it. There was talk about the ability to flag up any incidents, associated with greater scrutiny after the event - kind of what had been intended from the start but was never really done.

Many heads need to be knocked together in getting activities generated, approved and closed, and a whole lot of that sits with HQs who are, in my SMS view at least, the most guilty of parties in this respect.


Another problem is the person who originates is the only person who can close it. Anyone who was there should be able to.


With the VA angle this is why activities should auto close as soon as the time set as the end time is reached and no faffing with a report.


I’d be happy to go up the chain for this (if the activity lead lacks the responsibility to do their job), but certainly not letting any old fool close it off.

Seem fine until you realise that you will want the activity lead to designate who is eligible to claim for the event. Under the current VA rules there needs to be a check that staff were present for the necessary period and that will require post-activity inputby a responsible person.


Also Cadet names change one of the things that a responsible activity lead will Do is Make sure that the nominal role is correct before closing it down. (We should have the ability to do this with staff too IMHO)


Send to All email about trivial things that are not safety related and can easily wait for our regular issue of comms :rolleyes:


Pepole who reply all just to say FS AN Other and Flt Lt J Bloggs wiil be attending somthing.