You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


GMG? That EU directive from 2011 which caused the stupid cookie warning on EVERY WEBSITE I VISIT.

Maybe when we “take back control” that one could be repealed. Please.


Agreed. I’d like to see the end of mandatory running lights on new cars too as I think they cause more problems than they solve.


I remember the days when it was just Saabs and Volvos. Now everybody has them I have nothing left to aspire to!!!


I don’t mind them so much now. My car has an automatic setting which switches from side to full automatically and turns them off when I switch off the car. I haven’t changed the light switch for months!


That just doesn’t work when it’s raining / misty as it’s not dark enough… the only time I change mine


My car turns the lights on and off automatically too as needed, without the running-lights stage.

there are 2 main issues I see with the running lights. The main one is probably people driving at night assuming their headlights are on but when really they are just showing front running lights. Presumably their dashboard is also lit up: inability to see the instruments is always a big clue that it has got dark enough for headlights.

The other point is possibly partly due to LEDs in use now - I find indicators trickier to see as they seem to have become smaller/weaker (possibly drowned out to some extent by running lights) and perhaps more directional.


It might just be my posh car but my DRL switches off when the indicators are activated. I think any that are integrated into the headlight do this (or are meant to now)


Yeah, that is annoying too.


Not as annoying as my fog lights switching on when turning a corner at low speed and people on roundabouts thinking you are flashing them out.


ATC – All Training Cancelled


Risk Assessment Forms . . .


I’ve pulled loads of people over for that, half of them didn’t know the difference!


I just leave my headlights on all the time.


TBH there are too many things wrong with modern cars.
Indicators as said you can’t bloody well see
Headlights that are akin to needles in the eyes
Too many things now designed for garages to do, rather than DIY.
Also what is an SUV, I know what it means, but what are they apart from pseudo 44s for people slightly less stupid than those who have 44s and the nearest they get to “going off road” is kerbing it once in a blue moon, if they can’t get onto their manicured drive ways.


Nothing is “designed for garages to do” any more than it used to be, with a few exceptions.

Modern cars are just much more complicated and so harder to fix (when they do go wrong), in much the same way that a Macbook is much more complex and harder to fix for an amateur than a typewriter.


But you should be able to fix/replace things like oil filters, alternators and bulbs easily at home or on the roadside, which IIRC was a requirement at one time.


1.Drivers On their phones
2.Workers who start work at 6am outside my house
3.People who wear sun hats when its cold
4. Am surprised no-one said this yet but Brexit
5. And Finally People who hate cyclists on the roads for no reason


But what of those crusading about on main beams? Or is it dipped beams? I cannot tell, for I am blinded :’(


This. And poorly adjusted ones with the blue tint. Crazy dazzling things.


What about those of us who hate cyclists with reason?