You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


I suspect that other people who may need to be involved (or at least, available to assist with issues) may have been off work or on reduced staffing too.


The RAF doesn’t work Friday Afternoons, what chance would you expect in 28th December? Would be lucky if there was a guard mounted!


Fortunately I don’t think it’s the RAF migrating our site!


Still no sharepoint. Is it too early to use the “pause” word?


Stabbings … It’s high time they stopped pussying around with the scrotes who do it and just chuck them somewhere and bust the key. There is no case for rehabilitation for scum like this, they take lives for the most petty of reasons if there can ever be a situation where the only resolution is stabbing the person in front of you.

The bloke arrested for the one in Surrey apparently heard voices and was paranoid. Well his paranoia should be well and truly stoked now with the prospect of a long time in a little room and hearing lots of voices.


I kind of need access to sharepoint now


agreed . . .


Oh my God, I actually almost miss it!


This still works if you need access to controlled documents. It’s read only, but the files are still there!


That Link will shortly be deleted apparently…

The issue is that this was scheduled work as a light touch, and I don’t think progress was reviewed over the weekend, which is why we are now into day 5 without access.


Oh the joys of relying on online resources and then they aren’t available and people seem to struggle. If you are going to have this sort of way of working, then you have to do any maintenance so that the impact is an absolute minimum and no one notices.


+1. I’m amazed it’s gone on this long, and if this happened to me commercially I would need a very good reason not to sack the person responsible for the planning (and possibly execution) of this migration.


This is the third attempt to make the change as it was confounded on both previous attempts.
The update is necessary and It seems to have got to the stage where the only option is to force it through and persevere.

As users, we just need to suck it up and wait. For most of us, SharePoint is not so critical that its absence for a few days is crippling. It would be better to have a fully distributed, resilient and bombproof system but don’t expect that to ever happen.


if this had happened in commercial environment the working team would be 10x the size

this is a resource issue as much as anything else


Hence I said “the person responsible for the planning”. If the planning identified more people are required for the duration of migration or that additional expertise is necessary, then this is why contractors were invented. If this is important (and it seems to me that it is!) then it’s worth not ballsing up three times in a row.


If nothing else, the implementation plan would have included a disaster recovery / roll-back procedure (and the criteria for its execution). The fact that the upgrade has failed and the organisation is being hamstrung because its core system is knackered, in my book that’s a classic DR scenario!


The previous attempt failed and was rolled back/postponed until now.

Unless we wish to abort and roll back again we are best to persevere and just be patient. The process is ongoing and has not yet reached an impasse says to me that we are not at the “bin it! roll back” stage.

There appears to be some technicality whereby the old system cannot be kept online in read-only mode while the new system is brought up and sites migrated.


Looks like we’re part way there now - key docs and a few other bits back online.


Softly, softly catchy legless ww2 pilot


This HQAC’s attitude to us in all matters.