You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Because you can get brown boots that are newer and nicker then black boots


As above, black boots are issued to the RN so you can get nice black ones too


Really? All brown boots are nicer than black ones?
Not much thought was put into that statement!


My black altbergs were the best!


My black Altbergs are almost identical to my brown ones, other than the colour of course…


My Brown Altbergs are going black with scratches from being on the Range and fieldcraft. Nothing you can do according to Altberg (but they did sent me a free tin of special Ledergris that would help but not fix completely).


Well my Altbergs could kick your Altbergs’ butt!
this is a gear grinding thread. I am sure we can find a gear “polishing” thread somewhere that we could continue this


I was just saying that because some brands only do a smaller range of brown boots


It would be wrong to discriminate between the two


GMG? Brexit.

I want to…


But I can’t because my Winchester is a Wetherspoons meaning I can’t escape the nonsense!!!


It’s a 'spoons, they won’t have a clue. They’ll be too busy drinking fake cider.

I’m loving it. Almost got where we should have been two years ago. I hope the Conservatives don’t ditch May just to annoy people off.


People who build homes in forests and then moan when they get caught in fires, because people forget to manage the low lying brush/shrub with controlled burns.
I worked with a woman who lived in the wilds of Queensland back in the 40s to 60s and she said the Aboriginals would do controlled burns of dead grass and so on, which meant you rarely got big fires.

We had a few road embankment fires during the summer as no one cut the grasses.


The RAFAC’s obsession with placing squadrons at the end of super narrow dead end streets making getting a minibus down there (and turning it around) nigh on impossible!


Why do you think the land was cheap?


Personally I enjoy the challenge!


GMG? That for once I have time to check SharePoint during the day time and the ruddy thing is down for migration!!

Grrr. Argh.


Email from Bader team…

We are currently working on a solution to allow us to roll out the migration a site at a time. We are also looking at the possibly of allowing read-only access to legacy SharePoint however this requires some testing to be undertaken which is currently on going.

We do not expect this testing to be completed until tomorrow morning so SharePoint will remain unavailable until then.

We apologise for the inconvenience this outage may cause.


(Why was a Read Only legacy not already on the cards? I thought that fundamental issue was highlighted on the last aborted upgrade when site at a time was attempted??? With so much our business being conducted via this stuff, not having access over the weekend - and now into the following week and on to parade nights is really annoying. Yes, I know they are a small team, and yes I know they are trying, and yes I know that upgrades like this are really valuable long term… I just had a flexible working day today and had hoped to catchup on some stuff… but now I need to squeeze and shoehorn it into time later in the month instead!).


I do feel that the timing could have been better - over Christmas (the working days between Boxing Day and NYE would have been ideal) but TBH right at the start of the year might be the worst possible time, as people are likely to be looking at reviewing stuff for the year ahead.


You would rather make these people work over the Christmas break than inconvenience us at the start of the year?

I would! It should have been out-of-hours during minimal load and with least chance of interference with the daily business. I suspect that other departments may have been unwilling to do the right thing though, leaving little choice.


Whether it is strictly-speaking ‘the Christmas break’ rather depends on employment! The 27-31 Dec are usually seen as working days in many circumstances…