You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


I don’t remember being at sixth form with you???


Toby Carvery. Why do i do it to myself???


I’m trying to figure out what part you’ve taken a liking to…

Meat that has been sitting round for a few hours and is dryer than the Sahara on a very hot day?
The primordial skin on top of the gravy?
Or maybe it’s the nice and quiet atmosphere akin to Saturday morning up Southend?


The breakfast isn’t too bad, but that doesn’t have time to sit.


Sausages aren’t gluten free though.


Ah but Breakfast Yorkshires


Also not gluten free…


As a normal human who isn’t limited in what he can eat, I’d prefer there to be gluten in things :slight_smile:


Probably the best idea. I think they substitute sawdust for wheat flour in some things.


Getting a new phone. Then spending hours tweaking it so it looks and works like your old one.


There’s this magic thing called a backup you know…


Not if you skip town on one company because their phone died after 18 months and move to a different OS.


Poor soul


Manually inputting cadets on to BADER because the bulk upload function is broken…


Also, people using 1234 Sqn RAFAC or [County] Wing RAFAC…

It’s still the ATC people!


News Presenter “banter”.

On the BBC no less.


That’s what happens when you have 24/7 news channels, they’ve got to do something, otherwise, regardless of their salary they’d probably want to self harm, trotting out the same old stuff every x minutes and needing to make it pertinent.
I feel sorry for the poor sods stuck somewhere trying to inject excitement into something dull, like waiting for a Royal baby. I seem to recall Simon McCoy doing something that attracted many comments, as he failed to hide his boredom.


Rip off direct using rememberance direct as an advertising technique to profit of the event…


Does anyone have the number for an acting coach so I can at least pretend to be shocked?


Well, unless it’s hidden away somewhere, their remembrance items are not as it would seem, the page is just bog standard uniform and cleaning bits. Maybe even CD realised doing proper remembrance items would mean annoying more people than the sheep at Cranwell.