You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


It was an inside job…


Survived a major coronary and had to have surgery last year.


I avoided this speculation :wink:

It’s just as well they’ve relaxed their views on marrying the divorced and Catholics.


The new TG forms referring to the DPA 2018. There is no such act. The last DPA was 1998. This act is being superseded by the GDPR 2018.


GDPR = Regulation put onto us by the EU

DPA 18 = UK Law to implement the regulations as set out by GDPR

Is my understanding


EU ‘regulations’ are directly effective, therefore they do not need national legislation to be implemented. The 1995 data protection ‘directive’ however, did not have direct effect, so needed the DPA 1998 to implement it.
There is no data protection act 2018. As it isn’t required.


Begs the question what happens when we eventually kiss the eu pen pushers and paper shufflers good bye?


if you have been watching the news since June 2016 (and arguably before) on the topic of Brexit - that is pretty much the crux of the discussion


Unless I misunderstand things, GDPR will suddenly cease to apply and we’ll be back to the DPA?


we’ll be treated as Switzerland is now - as a “trusted” nation with Data as we have “strong and robust” measures in place.
arguably we can call it something UK based but i doubt it would change in practise


I don’t mean to be pedantic here, Steve but my pet hate is the creeping ‘Americanisation’ of the English language that one sees so often these days.

It’s ‘practice’, not ‘practise’.


EU law is be to written into UK law on leaving the edifice and then those laws can be selectively repealed.


May I out-pedant your pedantry?

Practice is the US spelling for verb and noun forms of the word; in British usage practise is a verb and practice a noun.

Ergo in practise [sic] isn’t an Americanism, just incorrect English.


MattB takes the biscuit on the practice/practise debate Gunner.

Bob is correct, the plan is for all Directives to be drafted into UK law and then repealed/amended as required, as is the case with any law.


So all TG 21 forms need to be reworded. how long before V4.01 comes out and we are not told.


Whatever, Trevor.


There’s a foolproof way to keep up to date with TG21 versions. Keep using the current form until the pedants at RIAT to post it back to you.


This came up on another thread. There is no data protection act, but there is one coming:

However, this doesn’t implement the GDPR, they are coming into force on the 25th May, what this does is create the exceptions to the GDPR which will apply in the UK.


Isn’t that just everyone’s aim here?:joy:


A news story revamp with certain quarters moaning that a number of colleges within Oxford Uni ism’t taking as many black kids as the should. Who cares, they are doing them a favour IMO. The degree as a qualification has been downgraded since the late 90s as qualifying requirements have dropped trough the floor and now uni is place for many to doss around as at 18 your not ready to take your proper place in society.
If they are stopping people from going, they are quite frankly doing them a favour and if they are going to do well, they will regardless.

I was at 6th Form with some bloody bright people who didn’t get the required grades for uni, but nevertheless succeeded. I know one bloke who went, left with a first in maths, started to wok for a blue chip and got bored with the pretentious idiots all trying to outdo each other and went to work for the local council parks dept and was immediately happier and he’s still doing it 30 years later. He admits he would have been earning several £100K pa by now, probably married to some preening princess type, but the BS that goes with it, wouldn’t be worth it. He gets extra money tutoring kids for GCSE and A Level maths, as he says if parents are that stupid and paranoid, I’m happy to relieve them of £25/hr. It pays for his holidays.