You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Or treading on the RBL’s toes and getting into a scrap that they would not come out of well.

Still, I do think it’s a little poor of them.


Like Mike Ashley at Newcastle United Cadet Direct are a cancer on the cadet forces that needs to be removed.


Wasn’t just Newcastle he was a parasite

But cadet direct need to have their wings clipped


Don’t get me started on that gimp. I can’t stand the man who’s ruining my home town’s football team.


Cadet Direct has managed to get its teeth into all the cadet services.
I think it is due to the bosses wanting shiny stuff and can’t afford it due to set budgets!!!
For example, the PTS system has gone down better than expected and suddenly cadets are doing more activities that gets them lots of badges that cannot be afforded! I’m sure more directives will be coming out of the centre saying you have to buy your own badges!!


Not just your gunner


At least you have a good manager, you colud have Alerdyce or Hodgson.


New cadets in dpm with brown boots grinds my gears


I would certainly be interested to hear how and why that happens, but I’ll just suggest you get some 3-in-1 instead.


Or Monio … he’ll be looking for a new club soon.


Cadet Direct is like Pandora’s Box with the lid off.
I do wonder if senior bods in the cadet forces have shares, as CD seem to get first dibs / inside knowledge.


When the organisation issues cadet dpm/mtp and boots then you have the right to be irritated


Allowing Brown boots in DPM is the only future proof and logical conclusion if you think about it. We should bring it back in the regs.


If sacked, reportedly £12 million in his back pocket.


Its all about brand in the modern cadet world. We should look the part in all types of uniform as its deemed we represent the RAF evwn though we are not in it.


And you think wearing brown boots with DPM would damage ‘the brand’ ?

When the ‘brand’ already allows:

Cadets to wear brown and black boots in MTP.
Cadets to wear uniform which is far too big for them because the smallest size it is made in is too big for them.
A complete lottery on what type of belt they have happened to scrounge. (37, 44, 58, 90, 95 pattern,/new and old style stable belt/US cartridge style/ some mickey mouse Highlander crap)

I really don’t think allowing Brown boots in DPM is really going to look out of place.


People who get their knickers in a twist when then cadet wear the wrong kit after spending their money on no 3uniform.


When the RAF supply all the types of uniform that cadets wear, then HQAC can demand conformity!
Until then they can just cajole and suggest!

I think the “brand” has been damaged more by having flying as central to all recruiting information!


I agree on the premise, but I’d question the Squadron who didn’t advise the cadet of what they should get.

It genuinely surprises me how there are still Cadets and staff in DPM - almost all of the Squadrons in my wing have a source either directly or via another unit, and there’s enough out there to request help from neighbouring units. It’s not new and rare anymore.


My unit issues DPM in the first instance as we do not have a stock of MTP yet and we do not want new cadets to waste their money on a uniform they might not wear much!