You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Incorrect Rank Abbreviations such as Flt Sgt & Flg Off


So you agree they were sweeping generalisations and you have no personal evidence to justify your assertions?


Nope. Because they weren’t. There is evidence there if you look.

You have to keep an open mind, but not so open, that your brain falls out.

What about the “sweeping generalisation” made about me because I held a different thought process and didn’t adhere to the same box of thinking that I was somehow a supporter of the BNP?

If you could direct me to the parts you thought were incorrect and we can debate about them?


Where did I say you were a supporter of the BNP?

This statement would make a good start. Freedom of thought, speech and expression are very much still part of higher education. My university was recently criticised for allowing someone with, what some might consider, intolerant views to speak at the university. By giving this person a platform some people claimed they were attacking freedom of speech, which is patently ridiculous.

Beyond internet personalities I don’t recall anyone mentioning freedom of speech being under attack in universities. I for one have friends from both ends of the political spectrum and not once have they been told to stop expressing their opinions on a topic. Not once has anyone tried to force their views on me.


You didn’t but someone else did. Diversity, except diversity of thought…

The evidence is out there. You can find it if you look and I don’t mean the BBC news website.

You pretty much agree with me though, the solution to hate speech is more speech.

Then tackle that speech with debate and fact rather than protests, screeching, violence, and fascism.

But then again, just because it hasn’t happened to you, it can’t possibly happen anywhere else…


As fascinating as this is, take it to PM please if you want to continue.


Is that a hint of sarcasm? :wink:


The story of Jamie Carragher spitting at someone.
It’s not so much the fact he spat at someone, which is disgusting, but the fact that this bloke is driving along filming it. Is he in fully control of his car if he is faffing around filming it? I’d want him nicked and licence cut up. Not only that his behaviour was extremely childish, but probably well within the scale of what’s normal for a football supporter.


Once you go down the nicking route Carragher is coming in for Common Assault too.


Pretty much with you on that one - spitting is unpleasant, but being less-than-in-control-of a ton or two of fast-moving metal could actually get someone killed.

Also, anyone who films stuff in portrait mode deserves to be strung up.


This is probably why he doesn’t want anything to happen to Carragher.

So be it nick Carragher, but there is so much publicity for want of a word about using phones etc and not being in control of vehicles and here’s a bloke filming himself being a total muppet, it’s been all over the TV and internet he should get a call from his local nick. He’s probably done to make himself look big in front of his mates down the pub, look I’ve taken the mick out of a former player aren’t I the big man. Not so big poncing lifts because you’re actually more of an idiot than you imagined and you haven’t got a licence for a while.


He could of turned a dash cam round


Er, no, review the video footage & it’s very clear that it is a hand-held device = RTA offence.

Charge the driver.


I know a solicitor who specialises in driving offences. He said both should be charged with dangerous driving as neither driver is paying sufficient attention to the road.


That does assume that it’s a mobile phone and not a digital camera; might have to be driving without due care and attention.


Whilst subject to the accuracy of the various media outlets, they do state “mobile 'phone.”

There is also a very clear lack of attention to any other traffic / road conditions; the driver / videoing device is focussed on Carragher / vehicle for a comparatively long time (in driving terms).


Apparently someone’s getting married in Windsor this weekend.

Now it seems the bride’s dad has got his fingers burnt by the paparazzi and it’s looking like he’s chucking a sickie for the day. I suppose it makes for a bit more publicity, a few more quid in the bin for the story, and making it into more of a soap opera episode so all the saddos will go aahhhhh when he’s there on the day.

I suppose it’s what you get when your bit part actress daughter finds herself a meal ticket for life.

I’m going to the shops as hopefully with people watching the wedding and a football match on the same day, it’ll be quiet.


But he’s not a real Royal though is he…

Wonder if Hewitt will be at the top table?


Hewitt isn’t even allowed to sit at the table at a Regimental Dinner anymore!


Didn’t Hewitt die last year?