You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back

Mine went down this year by about £90. I’ve no idea why. Everyone else I know has gone up. I’ve kept quiet and paid it…

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Problem is some insurance now see lots of NCD as ‘been lucky and due a claim’ based on statistics.

When shopping around and looking into the details 4 years NCD actually bagged the biggest discount/best price with most companies. They tend to publish the average % saving per NCD year group deep in their small print.


Got similar increase from my insurer, over £125 increase.

Did Go Compare, went back to insurer who beat lowest by £25, now paying less than last year. :man_shrugging:t2:

They just try it on. For everyone that does what I do, there is probably 10 that just accept the new quote. Company is then quids in :man_shrugging:t2:

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Had a lovely conversation with a DirectLine person who must have been on their last day of employment with the company…

BF: “Morning - GoCompare are listing 5 insurers who are beating your quote. I’ve been a loyal customer for 6 years - any chance you can at least match them so I don’t need to change insurers?”
Agent: “What sort of a deal are we talking?”
BF: “Well, last year I paid £312, and you are quoting £450 this year - despite no claims, no points and no change or modifications to my car. Go Compare have 5 insurers quoting £280-£300”
Agent: “Yes mate - there’s no way we’re going to beat that price - I’d take it if I were you”

That’s pretty much what my previous insurer told me when I called them up to try and get it cheaper. Said it wasn’t worth the time trying to beat the quote I had!

My current insurer is leaving the market, so somehow I feel I’ll struggle to haggle with them.

The quote in my picture is from last year’s renewal. I’ve always taken the approach of “if you wanted my business, you’d have given me your best price straight away” and just bin off anyone who overcharges by such a ridiculous amount.


Insurers rely on people being too lazy to shop around. They almost never give you the best deal on renewal

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Completing CFM forms. Especially as for both people I’m applying for multiple clasps and one person has a mix of ACF/CCF(A)/CCF(RAF). Anyone know who countersigns a contingent commander application as they are listed as the appropriate person for CCF in Part 4. I’m guessing that they can’t self certify

I thought there was some rule change on the last year that said renewal prices had to match new customer prices on a like for like basis…

Here it is, or at least referenced:


Send it to your regional commandant in this brave new world.


Will give it a try. Cheers

I think it’s the SSI as they sign VA claims for the contingent Cdr.

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Trying to copy a 10MB file and it’s gong to take an hour. My god.

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Oh you’ve signed up with my ISP, I see.

Ahhh legacy hardware. Industry’s aerated concrete: old, crumbling, and can’t be replaced without massive disruption and financial loss.

Indeed. Funnily enough, this machine is ‘new to us’. It’s a 1998 machine, but still running beautifully! We’ve only had it a couple of months.

It technically does have ‘ethernet’ but it’s old IEEE 802.2 or RFC 894. I really can’t be arsed to try and get either of those working with a ‘modern’ network. It’s old enough that it has RJ45 and coax for networking.

I’ll stick to RS232 :wink:

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Sounds like Custody SGTs to me

Sounds like my dish washer when I fill it with tupperware and take away boxes and they all start violently flying around in there from the water pressure!