You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back

True. So much for loyalty these days. Been doing the same with phone/internet, flick between the main ones as a ‘new’ customer.

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depending on the provider they take the fact you havent made a claim as you being more of a risk to make one in the next year based on data. The biggest discounts now are actually for those with 4 years NCD rather than 6/full depending on the company and their way of wording

That means I’m screwed then, never had one in over 20 years :roll_eyes:

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The ridiculous hype around some of the leaked Matt Hancock messages.

Todays shock was that they threatened to block projects in Tory constituencies is the MP’s didn’t vote with the government. Is this really a shock? Giving and taking away things is the way all governments get MP’s to vote their way. In reality it’s the only way a chamber with 650 MP’s will ever work.


They’re just trying to make Hancock seem like the enemy so they can blame all the failings on just him, rather than it being a problem with the party as a whole! :melting_face:

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GMG. British Geological Survey have switched off the iGeology app and replaced it with a crappy web based version which is far less awesome.

They actually switched it off last year. But I genuinely needed it today!!!

GMG. No snow :frowning:


GMG seeing friends sharing their south wales snow videos saying it’s only a matter of time before we could get it up north, knowing full well I don’t do snow.

Snow MMH, the 700’ cloud base does not!

Ahhhhh sms you piece of dog turd.
Lunchtime on a wednesday and you still wont work.

FU u piece of excrement.



Logged in while i had time during my lunch, to select cadets for an upcoming activity… 500 error!

Wasn’t there an email out to all this morning on this :man_shrugging:t2:

Yeah there was. Summary below,

‘It doesn’t work. We know it doesn’t work. It extra doesn’t work when most people want to use it. If you have an issue, please don’t tell us unless it’s not working in a different way to the way it usually doesn’t work.’


GMG. Somebody has been playing with server side settings for MS Authenticator (at work - not RAFAC!). Normally I have to Authenticate once per day.

Today I’ve had to Authenticate once to turn the laptop on. Then to open Outlook. Then to Open Teams. Then to open Edge. This could get VERY boring VERY quickly.

Takeaways who don’t have a proper online menu, and instead just have 12 photos on Facebook taken poorly of their physical menu!


And then phone them up and there’s no collections for 90 minuets at least as they’re too busy :rofl: So much for my post F1 Chinese.

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GMG. Uniformed Personnel carrying issue handbags incorrectly. I’ve just got home from a visit to our local Station for a meeting; as we departed SHQ we were confronted by 2 females strolling along with their handbags over the shoulder with the shortened strap. The WO (an old friend & colleague) with me had a slight sense of humour failure (I had to hide my smirk as he re-educated them). For some reason both regulars and CFAVs seem to think a handbag is a fashion accessory rather than a means of carrying items when pockets are unavailable.

Trivial - probably, OCD - definitely, life or death - no, demonstrating a lack of knowledge/standards - absolutely! ACP1358, para 0141a refers.

No wonder the PVR rate is so high.


Demonstrating a lack of proportionality? Yes

It’s pointless Military BS like this that grinds morale down.



The method of carrying baggage being policed is the most jumped up BS I’ve ever heard. I would understand if they were outside swanning around with no headress or completely mismatched uniform…

I almost hope it was a RAFAC WO who said something, as that is definitely not a WO I’d like to work for.

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