You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


That’s not my problem.

No it doesn’t. You don’t change attitude and challenge by being subtle. And with the regressive lefts constant attack on freedom of thought, it’s only fair game their met with the same attitudes they give out.
It wasn’t belittling at all. I tapped out of that debate because it would serve no positive benefit to the ACO. I have my opinions, they have theirs. Sadly liberalism is fascism and debate gets avoided because of the backlash, which turns into a witch hunt.
I value my time in the ACO more than my pride, helping and instructing comes above my ego. I like to push limits, but it’s a stake I am not willing to risk.
There were several missed points and other issues I would have liked to discussed. But no longer. I have transgender friends and I am more than happy to debate and discuss with them.

Beating around the bush doesn’t help anyone. Get in, get the job done.

I said:
“I sincerely hope not. If so I would refuse to pay my union fees.”

Doesn’t say anything, it just implies.

I don’t talk rubbish. Its got us talking about issues hasn’t it?


Enough, take it to PM or leave it please.


What GMG? How disgusting the gents (well, ex-gents) has become since we moved to gender neutral toilets at work. Blood and feaces continually on the seat and tampons left next to or on top of the bin.
And men get a reputation for having messy toilets.


Did you just assume their gender?

You should see the state of female toilets in nightclubs.

What has been seen, can not be unseen.


My brother in law visited a place last year with ‘genderless’ toilets except there were no urinals only traps. When he returned a few weeks ago, they had gone back to proper toilets as they had been used for ‘stationery cupboard’ activities.


GMG? 4 hours sleep due to ratus ratus deciding it was too cold outside last night - “i want live in Batfink’s house. I won’t ring the door bell though - I’ll chew through the floorboards instead.”



Stop grumbling and get a mobile mouse / rat trap…i.e. a proper farm cat!!!


Grenfell Tower.
Yes it was tragic, but constantly dragging it up and moaning about what should have been done or not done, is not going to bring people back from the dead.
The thing is if things have to be learned from it good, but enquiries paid for by taxpayers are a waste of time, except fpr those raking in the dosh.

I’m intrigued by sprinklers in flats especially if they go off like home smoke / fire alarms. No flambéing your crepes or setting fire to a Christmas pudding, less you get soaking wet. If they work like that they could be disabled by the residents which defeats


I think most sprinkler systems have a higher threshold than smoke alarms - most require a substantial increase in heat to go off.


Smoke alarms and systems can also give a false signal.
What can happen to people’s belongings when a sprinkler system goes off through malfunction or false alarm, or a smaller fire?
Too much water in a fire can create too much steam, which is used to combat the fire.
It also penetrates the fire clothing, and hampers rescue efforts and can make conditions worse for casualties.

The stay put policy works, the media jumping all over it, is purely manipulation to create a panic.

Grenfell were offered sprinkler systems retrofitted, but they refused.

The whole thing has been taken of by the media and spun for a knee jerk reaction.
Channel 4 tried running a news report on some idiot that was trying to sue the police for their helicopter that wasn’t used for rescue and “gave false hope”.
Yea let’s just fly a combustion engine into super heated unburnt fuel, that’s what smoke is. People gobbing off about stuff they don’t have a clue about. And critiquing the very people trying to help.
Saying people ran to the roof for help, at what point in the fire safety advice doesnt say run to the roof?
It doesn’t.

Fire safety is personal preservation, there’s no point shooting up in the stairways, vandalising fire safety equipment, smoking in stairways and then ignoring the advice and moaning when it all goes up in smoke.


Sprinklers tend to be set to heat alarms rather than smoke alarms for that very reason. Not sure who is the bigger idiot in the “Police Helicopter” complaint, the bloke who is making the complaint or the IPCC who are investigating it!


All bloody three. It’s an absolute joke.


They claim on the insurance and buy new ones?


Some things aren’t replaced by insurance. And because insurance companies are renowned for being so easy to claim off, even after repeated claims from repeated situations.
And your expecting people to pick up an added cost?


I’m saying that stuff doesn’t really matter. People do.


While people are more important, stuff does matter, it’s stuff that makes people who and what they are. We all have objects that are irreplaceable.

One of my cousins has found a number of old photographs and things over the last few years that help with our families history that had while not forgotten, certainly weren’t spoken about. I’ve started putting together family photos and other bits, my wife who throws things away has accepted it, but isn’t too sure why I want to keep it. Ironically she’s looked at some of the things and starts reminiscing more than I do. Our kids have kept things that have been important to them over the years.


People do matter. That’s why there is fire advice and systems in place. But if the current system and procedure in place works, and when there’s a malfunction and people moan and complain as much as it is, they will react harder to a malfunction or false alarm that drenched and ruins all their belongings. These are family homes, people can’t always afford to just “buy new things”, things can’t always be replaced.
Chat to any firefighter in a city that has to deal with blocks of flats. Some of them are hard to work with. I had to endure my mates moan at me about all this Grenfell stuff and how the media portrayed it.
A flat is essentially a concrete box. It’s deisgned to contain a fire, for the residents to get out and the fire service in. The stay put policy works, every week it works. You can’t have everyone pooring out of the building hampering the rescue effort.

The problem with Grenfell is that it was an anomaly, caused by a series of events, the cladding, the EU requirements for building insulation, the manufacturing company, cost cutting, and bureaucracy not by a breakdown of the procedures. And the first responders did a damn fine job responding to it. And ambulance chasers after a quick buck are just jumping all over it.
Some people were on GMB moaning about being rehoused in some of the most expensive areas of London.
And it didn’t help that the media and the politicians were circling it like vultures, ready to swoop in for a photo opportunity. It was disgusting. That total doorknob Corbyn giving it the big one blaming tories, despite the fact that labour are just as to blame, as are the lib dems.

The residents were offered a retrofitted sprinkler system and the rejected it because of the disturbance it would have caused to fit it.
The problem with uncontrolled use of water, is that it can hamper the rescue efforts.


My dad although he empathises with them for losing their homes having been bombed out twice in WW2, gets really irritated when they bang on about being rehoused miles away and so on. My dad lived in London during WW2 and says nowhere in London is miles away from anywhere, given the public transport.

He’s told me that he my nan, granddad and aunt were really lucky as they moved in with friends around ¼ mile away and the damage wasn’t that bad it couldn’t be repaired, so were back in a few weeks, but he had friends who were in emergency accommodation for ages and some moved to areas several miles away, but they didn’t lose touch.

So these people are whingeing and whining as he says playing their trump cards, just get on his nerves.

He wonders how they’d get on if these sort of things were happening regularly.


They were not offered sprinklers


Back on topic please people. Start a new thread if you must discuss this further.