You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Apparently Chris Froome may have used a legal asthma pump once too often and now has failed a drugs test.

Well there’s a surprise, someone who is successful getting pinged for something trivial.


you don’t actually believe that Chris Froome has Athsma do you?

do you also believe that Maria Sharapova has a longstanding heart complaint for which she, like you or i, takes Meldonium?

for someone who professes to be the most cynical man alive, you do an excellent impression of being a credulous fool who believes anything.


I know people who play a heck of a lot of sport, running, cycling, swimming etc who are asthmatic, so why would he not be asthmatic.

I have little or no time for drug testing in sport as it is far too easy to manipulate and given analysis techniques have become increasingly sensitive moving through in my working life; ppt, ppm to now ppb and beyond, with boundary levels set to meet the machinery not the outcome.

I’m sure as a farmer you will samples sent for analysis and find that the detection sensitivity has increased, with the ‘worry factor’ moved to meet the sensitivity.


The family and MP of that woman sentenced to 3 years in Prison in Egypt for drugs possession, whinging that it’s not fair. Not only is she bang to rights under Egyptian Law she is also bang to rights for upto 14 years in the UK.


Similar to all the drug smugglers that get caught and then moan about being stuck in some hellhole of a prison somewhere.


The business around Toby Young.

It seems we can’t have people running things unless they are bland, line toeing individuals, non controversial and approved by lefties, unless they are corbynites. This is the sort of thinking you’d expect in a dictatorship, not somewhere lauded for freedom of speech.

I imagine this episode will give him fuel for a number of articles, more money and so this will probably do him a favour.


Hmmm, there’s a big difference between “bland” & wide-ranging / extensive number of tweets that were lewd / offensive / sexist / elitist, whatever - deleting 50,000 or so of them shows the extent!!


Tony Young is a cretin, I don’t mind people with character, I just don’t want that character to be Alf Garnet!


I tend to feel we have gone into a phase of denial in public life and anyone of a controversial nature is pushed out.

The concern has to be that if you say or do something in the past, especially in social media (given not many people read the written word) it seems it sits around you neck like a hangman’s noose just waiting for someone to tug it.

I watch a number panel shows and find many of the so called modern comedians particularly offensive, not because they are as they are too boring to be offensive, but because they seem to think they hold some moral high ground. But does that mean I’d say they shouldn’t do it or say it, no. We seem to have the lost Frankie Boyle’s of this world, although he has his own occasional programme, but he seems to have toned down his comments to fit in with the BBCs doctrine.

Something one of our daughter’s has said, is that at work, there is no banter anymore and it is really boring. as the blokes seem afraid to say anything in case one of the women takes offense, although a number of the women don’t seem so constrained.


Nothing wrong with Alf Garnett as long as you don’t take it seriously and view it in the context of the time and don’t try to apply the magnolia thinking of today.


Yes but you wouldn’t appoint him to a Senior QUANGO!


I dunno it would liven things up a bit as I see many on govt bodies as being scared of their own shadows. Sometimes you need people to go against the flow and be a bit controversial.


The two funniest comedians I’ve seen live are Jimmy Carr and Jim Davidson (maybe something to do with the name James?) and one of the reasons was that they know where the line is and then proceed to jump across with great aplomb.

However I wouldn’t particularly want either of these to be making crucial decisions (bland ones or otherwise) as they do not have the perceived gravitas to hold a public office. (I know that comment makes Boris look unfit however he’s one of the few that I trust - excellent orator and is really intelligent).


There’s a difference between being controversial and being sexist, homophobic, misogynistic or disablist.

I wouldn’t want someone like that responsible for anything let alone holding universities to account.


Although it doesn’t seem to disqualify a person from being the so called “Leader of The Free World”


There is a huge difference between banter, the very occasional “fruity” social meeja comment, & a deluge of gutter-level (or lower) comments left for posterity.


Toby Young will probably be off to join his cabinet as Equalities Secretary!


Come now, we can’t have people with a personality or the ability to think for themselves, or out the box, or controversial. Can’t have any any of that initiative.

We need good little worker ants that follow flow charts, need procedures and policies to follow, dont challenge the management or the system.


Depends on perspective.

I have female mates that make sexist comments.
I have gay mates that crack gay jokes.
I have female mates that laugh at jokes that would be considered “misogynistic.
I have mates missing legs that crack disabled jokes.

What about people who make misandrist comments? There’s plenty of SJW snowflakes on Twitter that crack those remarks.


Are any of those friends responsible for overseeing the university system in the UK? Cause if not it’s not a fair comparison is it