You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Fixed amount donations by text, card etc.

Listening to the radio today every so often there are adverts to give money to CIN, not a problem, but they only allow donations of £5 or £10, which IMO isn’t a donation it’s a payment. When we collect for Poppies or Wings we say there are suggested donations but it’s whatever you can feel you can afford. Most people give over the suggested donation but if they don’t that’s no matter.

It’s no different to the myriad of “text donation” adverts on TV and who decided that £3 is the amount that is the panacea amount, it seems to buy just about everything? I just see this as a cynical marketing ploy.


Charities are a business. It’s purely about profit. A fraction actually makes it to where it should go, but not before lining every greedy pretentious doorknob as they take their cut on the way there. And let’s not forget the rich who invent charities purely for a tax dodge.

The CEO of the British Red Cross gave himself a £20,000 payrise the other year.

Not to mention the leader of the Unite the Union in London, gobbing off about being the “working man” despite the fact he’s in £140, 000 a year.

It’s a farce.


Of course. I forgot you were the font of all knowledge. Please tell me more as I actually work for a charity, so I would love your input on how farcical it is and how much profit we make.


II just did.

I had someone knock on my door and ask for money for the British Red Cross, well the boss has just given himself a £20,000 payrise…

Pretty obvious.

And why “work” for a charity. That’s proof in itself. Volunteer for a charity, isn’t that more charitable?

Charities are a business. They work for profit and they line the pockets until it reaches the bottom.


No they don’t. Whilst I appreciate some of the bigger charities can do things like that, most of the people doing the work aren’t.


Is it not standard union practice to pay the elected reps the same as the people they negotiate with? So if you are a Post Office Driver and you are the Rep for your yard you get the same as the yard manager? Consequently the bloke who deals with the MD will get paid a huge amount?


I sincerely hope not. If so I would refuse to pay my union fees.


You work, you receive payment for your time. That’s a business. Business work for profit.

I give up my free time for free, receiving no payment for a youth charity event, because I beleive in its cause. I don’t have an attitude that it owes me something. I want to give it something.


How successful do you think Charity shops would be if they only used volunteers. Even a not for profit youth organisation requires permanant staff FFS.

But then again you know that and I’m just feeding the troll aren’t I?


I do wonder if perhaps we’ve been linked to from the Daily Express website…


No. They might have some intelligent readers occasionally.



Charity shops do use volunteers.

And there’s a difference with paying someone minimum wage on a Saturday and paying a CEO a 6 figure salary, and then To chuck in a £20,000 payrise.

It’s like all these loaded celebrities on children of need, getting us to give our hard earned cash away yet they could easily spare a couple of grand and just pay for it anyway.


Retail management takes more than 1 day a week and you were implyig taht anyone who is full time for a charity is somehow a multi-millionaire rip off merchant. I know your career choices led to you spending a lot of time damp in a shell scrape but don’t let your own regretted decisions totally influence your view of the world.


Children in need raises tens of millions of pounds per year, far more than any of the hosts could donate themselves.


Get to that target a lot sooner if they did though.

Instead of dodging tax with offshore accounts.


I don’t regret any of my life choices, do you? My view of the world comes from many sources and angles. Not just a “damp shellscrape”.

And I will continue to do my charity work, which is free by the way, well we get soup. Maybe if the CEO of the British Red Cross got free soup, would he have turned down that 20k?


Hold the phone. Are you telling me that the most right-wing, leftie hating, snowflake bating troll on this forum is a union member???

Thatcher must be spinning!


I am not right wing. I change position according to the situation. The iron fist in the velvet glove.
I don’t hate lefties, I hate stupidity. But I believe everyone has the right to free thought and speech. That also includes criticism. And it doesn’t mean I have to agree with you. I will defend the death your right to freedom of thought, expression and speech.
Some would say troll, others would say devils advocate or thought provoker.

My work doesn’t have a union. I was speaking hypothetically.

Why must thatcher be spinning? More mines closed under Wilson’s Labour Government than by Thatchers.
Workers need representation but not at the cost of a monopoly, or start pitting groups of employees against other groups and/or their employers then it’s a problem.

At least thatcher had more balls than any politician to defend sovereign soil and to make decisions and leave the delegation to the military.

Either lead, follow, or get out of the way.


If that’s what you truly believe, perhaps you should modify your approach. I can’t speak for everyone on here, but your way of talking to everyone else on here, and the way you approach issues in general does you no favours. I for one don’t take anything you say seriously whatsoever.

You don’t play devil’s advocate. That approach requires subtlety and gently questioning people’s views… You have all the subtlety of a hand grenade. Look at what you wrote on that transgender thread yesterday. That wasn’t playing devil’s advocate. That was just belittling.

You also talk total rubbish. First you make this clever point of refusing to pay your union fees, then say your work doesn’t have a union? How is that hypothetical? Why should we take anything you say seriously?