You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


I can beat that…
I had a local subcontractor working for me on a job down south and it turned out one of the managers was in the ATC too. I was a Fg Off and we met at a camp I was the out going and he was the incoming camps CC and a flt Lt a bit of a shock tbh.
Anyway 3 months later he comes up to me on site and asks for a word in private, now up until this point the subcontractor has been horrendous we were 6 weeks behind and I was cracking the whip. So I went into the conference room and the manager proceeds to tell me he was now a sqn ldr in wing staff, so I congratulate him and he tells me that in future I should call him Sir at work as it is his rank and respect should be given at all times…
It took me a few seconds to regain my thoughts but he sure as hell never got called sir and the names I used couldn’t go on here…


Way back in the dim and distant when kids did proper work experience at school, a cadet was doing it in our company and said hello Sir when he saw me. The manager I was with looked at him and I said he was talking to me. I saw him a bit later and said to use my first name if he saw me again while he was there and outside the squadron. It made me smile as the manager’s ego boost lasted all of a second at the thought of someone calling him Sir.

I hate it when cadets call me Sir when you’re just out and about.


People obsessing over the chain of command when there are no cadets about completely throws me. By all means if there are cadets present sir/ma’am and salute all you want we have to show a good example, but when we are all grown ups together people need to get a life. I’ve seen Sqn Ldr’s get a huff because they weren’t saluted by a Flt Lt when the only people present were the group of Flt Lt’s he was talking to!

If someone at work started telling me they were a Sqn Ldr and needed calling Sir all the time they would get ripped to pieces and put on public display!

Funnily with cadets calling staff members sir outside the organisation, I was at a Wedding earlier this year sitting at a Table with my old WO and a former Cadet from many years age, she consistently kept calling him Sir all night without even realising she was doing it, had us and her other half in fits of giggles!


Got called Sir by a slightly shocked cadet in a nightclub not long ago. Awkward part was that she was 14 (though dressed up and plastered in makeup) and was making out with my friend. She was a bit suprised when I suggested she gave me her take ID (was her sisters driving licence) and go home. My mate spent the rest of the night worrying he was going to jail.


New staff especially ex-cadets get awkward calling me by my first name when they come into the dark side.
But they soon get used to it.


Um, without wanting to detract from the trouble hole your mate was now in, what’s it got to do with you and why are you taking something off her?


It’s a 50/50…
I know where you are coming from about removing the ID…
We’re meant to be fostering good citizenship etc,
So how can you knowingly allow a cadet break the law, also next time you are telling them something they may not think you are serious as you turned a blind eye previously to this.

Personally it would depend on the cadet and how well I knew them on how I would react…


To be fair in this instance i was acting as a friend of her father who I know from lodge. She knew why I was doing it (didn’t want her going into another club with it that night) and I returned it the next day when she was collected from the unit. Last thing I wanted was her getting someone else in trouble or getting herself into a dangerous position. With a different cadet I may have just had a word with the bouncers instead.

Edit: it also had something to do with me as I s concerned for my friend who was inadvertently getting together with an underage girl.


The very first thing you should have done is grassed her up yo the bouncers.
There is a defence under law for these occasions, if you go to a place with a minimum age like a night club then you would ecpect everyone there to be 18. Still well dodgy…


It’s a statutory defence, as long as the other person is 13 or older and you have a reasonable grounds to believe that they are over 18 you probably won’t even get arrested. (You may well be interviewed under caution however but no way it will go anywhere).

As long as he stopped as soon as informed he would t he in any trouble at all.


Hopefully dealing with an underage cadet somewhere is just hypothetical consideration for me; if you were to draw a Venn diagram of the type of places I go for a drink and the type of places a cadet may go, there may just be the tiniest of overlaps, if any (maybe one of those family pubs with a soft play I’d take my toddler to).


So-called managers/leadership which don’t have a single ounce of leadership or communication ability, who tend to be out of their depth in a car park puddle…


Yes, all can be found in the healing wigwam


I’ve just deleted a post that was flagged. It was inappropriate and frankly dangerous.


Now I’m just intrigued. :grinning:


it contained - indeed celebrated - Trumpian levels of willfull delusion and ignorance on a very serious, topical, and for adults in a youth organisation, close to home subject.

i’ll give you three guesses as to who posted it, but you’ll only need one…


I can guess but at the risk of defaming someone I’ll keep schtum


its only demamation or libel when its not true…


True. Though I was thinking just in case I named the wrong person.


there only a couple of total on here, so that should shallow the pool somewhat. if i told you it was long-winded and tedious in the extreme, that should narrow the field enough for even the most casual observer…