You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


What by starting Yours Sincerely,


It was probably because it wasn’t written using chunky crayon, in block capitals and using words with more than 4 letters and two syllables.


Ah, nice to see this thread is still going strong!



Was it ever any different?!


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I never really left just became a lurker due to someone changing the system over… :angry:

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Offices that don’t want you working from home more than one day a week but don’t have enough desks for all their staff so you have to work on your laptop hunched over a low table in the canteen sitting on a sofa.


Welcome to our world when we go to other offices.

We’ve had ‘hot desking’ for 11/12 years and they have gradually reduced the desks, opting for sofas and armchairs. They’ve even done away with proper offices and now have screened areas, all very crap for meetings. There are proper rooms but are nigh impossible to book in advance.


1.People who refuse to listen because they “know everything”.
2.Asking for help and being yelled at for asking only to have the person who yelled say “make sure you ask questions” 10 seconds later.
3.A person who has no sense of humour (you could say “Hi!” and they’d get offended).
4.People talking about a subject who are ill informed on that subject.
5.You done goofed.
6.Socks with sandals.
7.Gators with trainers.
8.Full waterproofs when it’s not raining.
9.No waterproofs when its bricking it down.
10.People who carry a 30KG bag for Duke of Edinburgh only to complain it’s to heavy and get their team mates to carry their stuff for them.

To list a few but most have already been covered :smile:


People who stop a microwave before the timer finishes, and then don’t clear the timer. I found the one at work stopped with 3 seconds to go on the timer the other day.


My wife does this all the time, and also leaves the door open. Does me insane!




Eurocrats who are acting like 5 year olds playing a game by changing the rules *,as they go along wrt Brexit, all because they potentially see us leaving as it could encourage others countries who are brassed off with their constant interference to do likewise.

  • Child 1 - Bang you’re dead
    Child 2 - No I’m not as I’ve got a force field
    Child 1 - Bang you’re dead I’ve got a force field killing bullet
    Child 2 - No I’m not I’ve got an anti force field killing bullet force field
    and so it goes on


Funny seeing Perry Mason at the top and almost bottom of the thread… like the good old days or something


Fortunately I work for the NHS so I got a day’s paid leave to recuperate from the stress


Do they supply crystals and whale music??


I thought I had deprived everyone of my wit and wisdom long enough…


The idiotic appointment process.

While all youth organisations are screaming out for adult volunteers, and the Government’s “Big Society” campaign tries to get us all to support our local Scouts, Guides, Youth Group, ACF/ACO unit the ACO tries its hardest to make the process laborious, slow, inflexible, out of touch and unfit for purpose…


The thing is the ACO has to keep people in jobs throughout the organisation so a fast and slick process would not be in their best interest and then add in waiting for Wing Staff to do their bit, because we COs aren’t seen as capable of talking to people and filling out forms.

As a result we suffer. I’ve lost potential staff as Wing Staff haven’t been able to come down for their part.

Speaking to the people I know in the ‘Scouts’ seem to embrace people, normally parents, just wanting to help out, without too many hoops. Unless the way they speak just makes it seem easy.


I once walked into wing (as a CI,) and ran into a Sqn Ldr and a Flt Lt, I said ‘Hello’ to both as they walked past and the Sqn Ldr stopped, stared at me and said ‘Well?’ ‘Pardon?’ ‘how about Hello Ma’am?’ And she stormed off in a huff. (I remember being so surprised I looked down to check I was actually in civvies)

I ran into the WWO at lunch and told him this story, he just looked at me aghast and said “But you’re a CI?!”