You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Why not it’s 2½ weeks and we volunteers don’t have anything else in our lives except waiting for a call from the ATC.


There was me thinking that 2 1/2 days was accepable notice for demands like this, jeepers, 2 1/2 weeks is squillions of time!.. :rofl:


Change of detail, but…

With the brave new World of AEF with increased aircraft numbers has anyone thought of the rest of the operation? For the third time in succession we have had AEF cancelled at short notice (latest was the evening before) for reasons other than weather. This was because of a shortage of pilots.

It was already getting difficult to find cadets who wanted to spend half a day twiddling their thumbs in a windowless room, with the dubious pleasure of being treated as idiots by the hired staff (Babcock) in return for a short passenger ride in a Tutor. It will be much more difficult in future. It will also be more difficult to get VOLUNTEER staff to re-arrange their weekends to accompany the cadets, only to end up with it being cancelled.

Anyone else having problems?


Wittering is a disaster


Not had a successful Flying detail in 20months
4 details only 1 was weather
2 were cancelled with no reason given
1 was aircraft


You can’t say that when other AEFs are doing a spiffing job, regardless of how true it is.

Even before it moved in 2015 we were getting Friday cancellations from 5 AEF due to no pilots.


Granted there were issues with occaisional shortages of pilots before 5 AEF moved, however for those of us meant to be served by the unit at weekends, the move precipitated an unmittigated failure of service for an extended period of time…

You should know that the cancellation of slots due to a lack of pilots also affected those of use whose bookings were at the weekend…


But it’s ok though because the Air Commandant got an MBE so that should make the cadets happy right?


CBE, do you even honours system?


No not really, that’s how unimpressed I am.


Probably get this impression from social media.


HQAC: “the CAC has received 100s of “likes” on facebook and dozens or retweets about her gong…the Cadets love her”


Officers who get uppity about how you address them in emails. They need to get a life.


Unfortunately as you have found they exist and do themselves no favours as they are regarded not very highly. They forget they are ‘officers’ in the cadet forces, it’s all pretend. I had a Plt Off come to the sqn for a while around 10 years ago and had to put him in his place and told him to chill as he just irritated everyone. He thought in emails staff and CWC started off Hi etc was wrong and not Dear Flt Lt or something similar.

Carry on as you have been and eventually they’ll get bored.


Totally agree.

We’ve had a recent reminder about just this!! Plus reminding us to adhere to the MOD way of creating email subjects…

The Irony being that the author of that missive, then proceeded to email the entire wing a week later, without the approved subject format. And obviously didn’t spell check their work. Sigh.



Maybe they need to attend an ‘Attitude Adjustment Programme’ run by this guy:


One of my favourite cinematic moments, I remember reading at the time of the film, he served in the USMC in Vietnam.

He reminded me of a FS on the sqn when I first joined the Corps, master of the nose to nose profanity laden vocal blast. I told my dad the first time he did it and was told I shouldn’t have been messing around. Do that today and there’d be an inquiry, irate parents jumping up and down and crap all over FB. How times have changed.


I got threatened with being reported to the Wing Warrant Officer for starting an email wrong once, bearing in mind I’m a CI…


:rolleyes: :ohmygod: :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


People being deliberately obstructive just to satiate some personal vendetta.

It doesn’t bother me that they dislike me but it shouldn’t infringe on professional interactions.