You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Maybe not that easy looking at a tower block, in this case 24 floors, how many flats per floor? Twenty? Call it 500 flats for ease of maths - even with an average of 3 people per flat, that’s 1500 souls to accommodate. Even 1000 people is a huge number to look after.

JustGiving site.


Not just neighbours, family should put themselves out to do the same, rather than just expecting the council / govt come up with something and then moan if they don’t which seems to be a strand at the moment.


Also not that easy; looked like a very large percentage of occupants would not have had this option - families from Syria, Afghanistan, Italy, etc. Even if you have immediate family elsewhere in the UK, not easy (or cheap) to up sticks (schooling?) to be with them.


I would imagine there are local communities of the groups mentioned who could be looked to for assistance, given that immigrants tend to flock, just look at us as a nation in our empire days and more recently ex-pats in many countries. We have areas of towns locally that have higher proportions of East Europeans, but not by design.

But that doesn’t give those looking to exploit the situation for political gain anything to ramble on about.


I think that the level of support from the local population has been marvellous.

With reference to the Westway Sports Centre, where residents of the tower block were staying, from today’s Telegraph:

Megan Hession, of Kensington and Chelsea Council, said: "We had less than 10 who overnighted here.

"Everybody has been rehomed except people choosing to stay here - one large family are all together in one place and are comfortable here.

“Everybody has been put into hotels, B&Bs or in flats. By the weekend everyone will be rehomed in new flats.”


Or dish out blame.

Blaming the fire advice and the stay put policy. Despite the guidelines stating that if you feel threatened or unsafe or you want to leave or escape you won’t be hampered or stopped unless you endanger life.

Funny how everyone’s a sudden expert and everyone has a sudden interest in fire safety.

Gobbing off about the government not caring and services letting them down despite the fact men and women are still working hard to recover and make the scene safe.

People are just morons and the media are circling like vultures to whip up a storm.

People gobbing off about the PM not visiting the people, when she’s too busy seeing the services and the professionals to try and get to the bottom of this incident.


What’s going to definitely help is charging about, protesting, making a huge commotion and wasting the public services time by trying to charge into official buildings. Making unprecedented statements, judgments and conclusions.

Yea. That will definitely help with the investigation, and will help the public services do their job.

It won’t in anyway hamper the people trying to do their job.


The profusion of having a national minute’s silence after every single event where people die.

If friends, family etc want to gather locally and reflect, fine, but not nationally as I tend to feel it devalues the significance. I suppose it’s not a minute clapping, which seems to happen at football grounds, as some of the chimps who go to watch football matches couldn’t stay quiet for that long, without yelling something inappropriate or whistling.


Just heard a story that they are renaming anything in Bristol with Colston in it’s name, because the chap who they are named after made his money from the slave trade. I wonder if Bristol is prepared to return to what was, no more than a backwater / minor port, before the slave / triangular trade started, spawning all the other opportunities as a consequence and turned it into what it is today … thought not.

I do wish people like this would grow up and live with the past rather than feeling they have to be forever apologising for it.


They’re renaming one building, the Colston Hall. But nothing else…

Meanwhile at Bristol Uni there are two equal sized petitions about renaming the Wills Memorial Building, one for one against. No real appetite for it as it’s such a well known building. Colston Hall is re-vamping and re-branding.


What about the massive slave trade the Arabs had, especially the lucrative white slave trade? Or the huge slave trade in Africa, Longbefore Europeans ever turned up on their shores?
What about the slaves the Romans had? Or the slaves the Vikings had?

bad stuff happens in history, we learn from it. But you don’t drive down the motorway looking through your rear view mirror.


We were watching one of the Who Do You Think You Are? programmes involving a black celeb and as expected it went back to a West Indies plantation and all the nonsense that comes as a result of this finding. They then traced them back to West Africa and it turned out their forebear had in fact been trading for black African slaves with tribal chiefs and Arabs and then selling them to ship owners to transport, before they themselves ended up in the same predicament. Oh the irony.

You’ve obviously forgotten Blair’s idea that history is bunk, which is why his govt led us down the path it did.


‘Discipline’ by emails.

Why is it that some people feel that is acceptable to send emails to volunteers chastising them for not volunteering for an event, and stating how unacceptable it is that volunteers haven’t chosen to support certain events?

Further more, why not address that email to the groups named in that email, rather than spamming 1000 or so OC’s?

That GMG!


Is this a supercamp thing?


No it’s the shooting stuff.

I did bite my tongue from replying to that Sqn Ldr. If he wants people to volunteer for what is essentially a crap job, he might want to think about selling the positives rather than trying to chastise us for not going.


I’ve not seen that email (not an OC, but am technically a shooting guy) but it doesn’t surprise me, especially within an activity that is burdened by regulation and which people are more likely to ditch than most others.


My thoughts exactly.


It isn’t the regulations etc it’s the fact that he wants people to go and be support staff for others who can’t get their own staff to do it.

My thought is you enter the comp you supply a suitable support staff member too…


Obviously needs to have a look at the definition of volunteer :-

  • a person who voluntarily offers himself or herself for a service or undertaking.

  • a person who performs a service willingly and without pay.

  • a person whose actions are not founded on any legal obligation so to act.

  • perform or offer to perform a service of one’s own free will

Maybe they could make a poster of this for HQAC when they are valuing volunteers.


And they should probably give staff a bit more notice. Asking for volunteers on the 13th June for a competition that starts on the 1st July is never going to end well.