You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


There’s a problem with some of the data centres. Our work one was hit over the weekend and it’s still having issues today. Something to do with the “storms” down South. Which having seen pictures of the M6 at the weekend, a boat and skis would have been a faster way to travel rather than being stuck in five hours of traffic :frowning:

New ACO DofE supervision requirements

Data doesn’t travel by boat.

Or skis.



How does the internet get to the USA or Canada then?


Submarine or scheduled flight…


Makes sense. Is that why i get lag when downloading?


Uneccessary “dramatic”…


GMG…unorganised staff who do not have methodical way of doing things! Oh and untidy desks!


…pauses on TV programmes.

Masterchef winds me up terribly every time.


Adults who join (and stay in) the ACO just because they like shouting at children.


Or staff as they have nothing better in their life…


Wing staff downloading Policy Documents from ACO Key Documents, and then uploading to the Wing SharePoint rather than using links.


Tony Blair …
why does he not respect democratic processes (excluding the fact he is Tony Blair) and accept we said we wanted out of the EU and not keep on about another referendum so we can change our minds. He didn’t give people a chance to change their minds after making the mistake of voting him in more than once. The only reason he didn’t give us a referendum years ago was because he knew what the answer would be and it wouldn’t have been stay.

Also Mrs Clinton
Why doesn’t she just show what was in all of the emails, if she’s got nothing to hide. You can see another Watergate looming on the horizon. Which will mean the Yanks getting screwed over by the Clinton’s again.

New ACO DofE supervision requirements

Emails are the last of clintons worries. The amount of corruption, fraud and manipulation that woman and her abusive husband have done.

It’s a joke either of the candidate to go forward for President. I genuinely hope trump wins it. And I reckon he will.


GMG: Cadets and staff poppy selling in MTP/DPM in town centres/shopping centres. Inside. Why? There’s no AT there. They’re doing a fantastic thing in raising funds for the RBL but why MTP!


i’ve seen two reasons - firstly a simple market reach effectiveness reason, that people are more likely to give if the person doing the collecting is wearing something very obviously military (and i don’t really think you could argure that MTP/DPM isn’t nore obviously military than Blue kit…), and secondly that its easier to wrap the cadets up in MTP/DPM than it is in Blue.

i note that you said ‘inside’, and that this kind of relates to outside, but we move the cadets around so they don’t get so bored, so while a cadet might start in the shopping centre, he/she might spend half the afternoon in the worlds coldest, windiest market square…


Thermals. T shirt. Black gloves. It’s November in the U.K. Not the artic.

GMg2: staff who are softer than cadets and find excuses to wear MTP when it’s not needed.


Walts or suffering an identity crisis , ie in the ATC but really want to be ACF.

The ACF Det Cdr really wishes they had our N°2 dress rather than having to wear ‘DPM’ all the time. He always comments on how much smarter we look on parades, compared to them.

The uniform you wear has no bearing on how much people give. We have got people in branch with no military background who individually collect much more than the cadet units do. I’ve watched the ACF and ATC take over from members and the amounts don’t increase for either uniform.
I spend two hours for 3 evenings straight from work collecting in work clothes and get more than the cadet groups spending 6 hours in the same location on Saturdays. My biggest problem is seeing people I know and start chatting.
Compared to Wings people seem to just give to the Poppy Appeal and take nothing.
TBH ‘blues’ are much less of a security risk than ‘DPM’ which was highlighted by the incidents the other year against cadets going home from Poppy Appeal collecting.


Blues for us. The “chatting” part & hearing proper war stories (father in the Artic convoys, grandfather died during the Somme offensive, etc), that is part & parcel of poppy selling. Personally, other than mentioning the “recommended” donation for the pin badges, I generally let the person decide on their contribution - it is much friendlier & more often than not, generates a larger amount going in the collecting tin. Appearances can be deceptive too, scruffy individuals often plonk in a £10 or £20 note & don’t even want a poppy - I try to give them something, if only to advertise the wares! :wink:


The fire in London.

Simon Cowell he has announced that he wants to do a charity single for the fire in London. Fair enough but I regard these as a scam by those artists who get involved, to boost sales of their own records.

Some idiot (a ‘poet’ if I head properly) has said there could be riots about this fire and Corbyn wants property of ‘rich people’ seized to put those currently homeless. Typical drivel from a leftie. I imagine he could lead by example and take a family in and pay for their needs, as I doubt he lives in a two up, two down.
My dad was bombed out twice during WW2 and each time they got put up by neighbours until the house was habitable. Which happened all over the place. So where are the neighbours of those made homeless by the fire, while a more permanent solution is found for them?


Aye. Dead are still warm, people still missing, families torn apart and already the celebrities and politicians are sniffing around for political points.

That doorknob Lilly Allen gobbing off wound me up.

It’s all fine and well gobbing off about fire safety, but if people don’t heed advice, listen or take it seriously then what do you expect to happen.
Dry risers vandalised, bin rooms and communal fire escapes blocked, people smoking in hallways or hitting up drugs in communal areas and stairwells. Firefighters assaulted responding to calls.

It’s all fine and well to close the door after the horse has bolted. It’s easier to blame someone else before looking at your own actions.