You know what really grinds my gears? The Gears Strike Back


Apparently they offered him “a couple of squid” refund! :wink:

The bill said the octopus was loose - have you seen what sort of things those beasties can get into?? :blink:

Of course, on-line supermarket shoppings will mean you miss out on this possibility…


You hate them for that? I hate them because they think this is an acceptable substitution!

That is quite amusing on a number of levels. But actually being in the shop would have meant, potentially, being able to find something a little more appropriate and in regard of the other items.


But like with so much of modern life’s gimmicks and gizmos, how did we ever get by before? The sort of people you quote managed for years beforehand. My aunt and uncle looked after my nan for 10 years until she died in 1985 and never went without with my uncle working full-time and my aunt not driving.
Don’t kid yourself into thinking the suppliers / shops are offering these things for altruistic reasons or joe public’s convenience, in many cases its so they don’t have to actually have a physical shop. But I like to get my gubby mitts and Mk1 eyeball into play, when making a purchase. Would you in all reality pick an octopus as a replacement for walnut bread or if you went to the shop and if the particular one you wanted wasn’t available, I can’t help but think they’d have another walnut bread. But then I don’t get precious about brands or have any real brand loyalty as such.
Don’t get me wrong, although I don’t shop online and get it delivered I ocassionally use price / stock checking and click/collect for my own convience and mostly for DIY and techy stuff, but rarely for anything else. I am constantly amused by my daughters frustration of buying something online and the description / picture not quite matching what comes out of the parcel and as ever it’s done last minute. They’ve taken to visiting shops and being less disappointed as a result, but they do spend more.


GHE, you do realise that if the army of in-store pickers werent there doing other people’s shopping, they’d simply be replaced by hoardes other people doing their own shopping, probably with crying kids in tow.

And rather than 1 van with 10 loads of shopping in it, you’d probably have 10 cars making the roads much busier.

So on-line shopping probably gets people out of your way.

Of course you wouldnt notice either way because you’re so busy whining and looking for things to whine about to notice anything else.

Just for once do us all a favour and put a sock in it!


GHE, why do you use the internet then? If numerous generations before got by without it?
Why a mobile telephone?
Why even an automobile?

Online shopping is a fantastic way of controlling a budget too.


[quote=“RearAdmiralScrinson” post=22732]GHE, why do you use the internet then? If numerous generations before got by without it?
Why a mobile telephone?
Why even an automobile?

Online shopping is a fantastic way of controlling a budget too.[/quote]
The majority of inventions are a result of someone seeing a gap to create convenience but just because it’s a convenience doesn’t mean it’s good or really useful. The things I find useful are my powertools, as they do make things easier, but I still have and use handtools and there are lot of gizmos for using around the house, that make life that little bit easier. As for cars unless you live in the centre of a city/large town and live like you’re in a soap opera, they are pretty much a neccessity and living as we do in a village, you would struggle otherwise.
The internet has it uses, email is a bloody good way of getting info across to several people and is traceable. I’ve been doing my family tree for a number of years, which has been a lot easier as more and more info is now online, although it is as with the majority of things online caveat emptor and something of an info overload at times. I use it for other things, but shopping online is for me too sterile and doesn’t suit my impatience, which is why I use stock checking and click/collect. I can’t be doing with waiting for something to be delivered when I can drive to the shop and back again, with my desired items. WRT online grocery shopping it seems the supermarkets value them more than real people browsing the aisles. You don’t see this in other shops that offer online ordering and delivery.
I’ve had 2 mobile phones, both about as basic as they can be and used infrequently, I don’t feel a burning need to speak to or send a text someone, every waking moment, which is a behaviour I see at home and work. It amuses me that people at work and elsewhere seem incapable of lasting without phoning / messaging their wife / husband / boyfriend / girlfriend / partner several times in the day, especially just as you get into work, when you’d had left them no more than an hour ago. I said good bye to my wife this morning and we’ll only contact each other if it is really, really imporant, before I get home later and not some of the idle prattle I’ve already been party to today overhearing one side of others conversations.


It’s also annoying that you not only have to fight through the pickers to get to items, they get quite shirty when you push their collection of boxes out of the way (as they’ve gone somewhere else) to get to what you want.

I don’t have a problem with people with “crying kids in tow” (all part of the parental experience) I fully sympathise with their plight having been there/done that, or, cars on the road as it’s just part of our everyday routine. If they are going to the shops at least they are interacting with shops etc and no doubt potentially impulse buying, as a result keeping shops open and maybe keeping small businesses going. The way online grocery shopping seems to work is one of making people completely habitual. It seems very difficult to impulse buy or pick up the specials. We’re dab hands with the reduced items shelf and got some real bargains, all because shops and people (our youngest daughter’s latest young man being a prime example) get over excited about use by and best before dates. My mum and dad still go to the market late in the day just as they’re packing up, as that’s when the best buys can be had…


Getting back on topic…

WRGMG is when people who have no idea what the chuff they are talking about gobbing off on facebook about how ebola is just nothing to worry about like its a chuffing cold.


I reccomend they read “The Hot Zone” by Richard Preston.

Its not something to be shrugged off.


Watching the weather and weathermen/women referring to it becoming less cold or more cold and less hot etc.
We’ve had single words to describe this for quite a number of years … warmer and colder, ie it will be warmer or it will be colder.


Why should the FA have deleted the tweet about the English women footballers going back to being mothers, partners (loathe that description) and daughters?
It was described as sexist, which baffles me, apart from the use of one word what was said was quite correct. Anyone who was upset by the wording needs to get a life.
My wife hasn’t worked formally (does lots of unpaid/volunteer work) since she left work when pregnant with our eldest (28 years ago) and regards being a mother as being the best and most rewarding ‘job’ any woman can have, plus what is wrong with being described as a ‘partner’ (they should have used wife or girlfriend in this instance) or daughter, seems spot on to me.


I read a bit today via MSN about Jamaica seeking billions in reparation from Britain for slavery.
My view is fine, but you go back to the country from which your forebears were taken, and give up the life that evolved from your 6+ great grandparents being transported.
One of the comments was that David Cameron’s has benefited because his cousin 6 times removed benefited from slavery, which is getting back so far as to be nonsensical and many thousands would be able to trace their ancestry and said to have benefited.


While we are at it, shall we seek compensation from The Italians for the Romans, and the Norwegians for the Vikings? What about Seeking some compensation from Ghengis Khan’s relatives?

This whole crap colonial argument and everyone wanting compensation for stuff that happened a LONG time again.

It is like getting arrested and charged for a crime your great grandfather committed. I didn’t do those things, so why should I be made to feel guilty for it? how about we realise that it’s a two way street and we should all crack on and stop being little whiny bitchy doorknobs about it.

Oh wait, is it racist if a white person says it?


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The whole thing around the celebrity child abuse.

Two of my cousins were born in the mid 50s and said they had mates who from the late 60s to mid 70s went to places just to ‘get off’ with someone famous and one of them was quite open about who and where and did the whole groupie thing. I don’t get the ‘innocent’ being led astray thing. My dad has said it’s no different to what he saw as a teenager in WW2, girls not much older than him, went after servicemen with one aim in mind.

I was drinking with a mate and his son (22) outside a pub and a couple of female cadets saw him and said afternoon to him by name and I acknowledged them as well. I asked how he knew them and apparently he’d seen them at a party, he asked how I knew them and I said they were cadets and in Yr11. He was taken aback and tbh if I didn’t know they were cadets and in Yr11, I would have easily taken them for 19 or 20. I’ve seen them and other female cadets at socials in civvies and none of them look their age, whereas boys generally do.

With everything that gets done in school now wrt to safequarding, one of our neighbours said her 4 year old’s class was given a talk about internet safety and ‘stranger danger’ (mind you I remember my mum and dad telling me not to accept sweets or presents from people I didn’t know), any child in the modern era who lets something get beyond the second text, email etc without mentioning to parents or someone at school is IMO deliberately putting themselves in harms way.

New ACO DofE supervision requirements

Hundreds of experts disagree with your view. If you knew in details how people groom and blackmail young kids, it becomes less black and white.

New ACO DofE supervision requirements
New ACO DofE supervision requirements

Off topic, but the majority of abuse is carried out by someone the child already knows. I just hope that I’m not reading from your post that you can’t see the issue with being groomed as a child, given that you volunteer in a youth organisation.


This discussion is going wildly off-thread here, but although you could argue that in the eye of the law, the result is still the same, there are some differences between the “start-struck” teenager setting their sights on a celebrity & an adult deliberately setting out to groom/abuse a youth.

…you would think so, but youth of today think that they are cleverer. They get told about CEOP & rapidly forget it. Very recently, a local “young adult” was sentenced for blackmailing a young girl into sending him naked pictures. He had set up a false (under18) profile on social media & asked numerous young girls for juicy photos. At least 2 girls did so, & he then blackmailed one to send more photos. She didn’t so he posted the original photos to her friends on the social media group.

“Digital permanence” doesn’t seem to figure with most youngsters; the advice we gave to ours was do not send anything via whatever medium that you would not want your granny to see or hear about! In this case, the person was wrong to ask for such photos in the first place (it is a criminal offence - a lot of teenager are not aware of this) but then this was compounded by what I can only call stupidity of the girls to then send naked pictures.

Most of us are probably guilty of the “look at me” aspects of social media - the trouble is, the internet can be a very dangerous place. Check your cadets’ profiles on Facebook - how many of them are completely open??

It’s undoubtedly a “generation” issue, but girls seem to develop quicker physically - & more importantly, despite being significantly under 18, want to go places (night clubs, etc) to strut their stuff & generally show off - with or without parental knowledge.


SWSATT are clearly getting desperate for candidates for a course… or the Sqn Ldr in charge has an IT issue involving him sending out 30 emails for the same course this morning!!! GMG though as it took me ages to delete them all! :frowning:


I think the mail system is messing up a bit - I have seen 3 emails over the weekend delivered to me multiple times and one email I sent seemed to stall and I got a “message unable to be delivered - will retry” sort of message for it


Had several duplicated emails yesterday and today from different Bader accounts.