Weather Watchers

I’m on the south coast, so there’s basically 0 chance of me seeing it without using long exposure photos somewhere very dark.

Ah, good point.

I’ve just managed to get the red pillars up here, but they’ve very, very faint. The strong moon isn’t helping.


I think if it holds above 1000 nT (whatever that means…) then it is possible to see it down here, but extremely rare. If need to go sit on a hill somewhere in the cold looking north for a few hours :rofl:

Some pretty mad winds down here on the south coast. Really odd though. Almost still, and then sudden intense gusts out of nowhere!

Mental in the new forest, trees coming down everywehre

It’s a wee bit blowy up here, but we’re only talking 30-35 mph gusts, nothing special.

And frankly you can keep it down your way too - the noise would keep me awake! :rofl:

Go & shelter in the Fleur de Lys pub - & look at the list of landlords (if still on the wall)…

We’re easily in the 50-60 mph gusts here at the moment!

Time for a spot of kite surfing?


Ill hit this up at somepoint!

GIFs you can hear…

Spund suspiciously like

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First thunderstorm of the year!