Weather Watchers

We seem to regularly be talking about various weather events in various threads! How British of us…

I thought it’d be a good idea to start a weather watchers thread to discuss these things in one place. Be that red weather warnings for heat that should cancel cadet events. Or the current wind that lashing the south coast!

I’ll start. I’m down south so dealing with the current storm. Roads are very flooded and loads of debris, as well as whole trees down in the roads. Power is flicking on and off at work. All not very ideal!

How’s everyone else fairing this morning? Anyone on here in the Channel Islands? Looks like they had it very bad over night and into this morning.


It’s lovely out this morning. A gentle breeze with occasional spots of light rain, but mostly clearing skies providing a nice background for the autumnal colours of the leaves. Lots of fallen yellow, brown and orange leaves to clear up from my garden now though!

It definitely did rain heavily overnight, but not heavy enough to wake me up.

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I was amazed that I didn’t get the call from the LA overnight to go and chop up fallen trees and clear roads. I’d sharpened and tested the chainsaws just incase.

However, having driven around this morning, there’s not that much down around us. Lots of localised surface water flooding due to the intensity of the rainfall landing on already saturated ground. It’ll be interesting to see how river levels adjust accordingly.

I’ve a sneaking suspicion the modeling forecasts are going to fall over this winter. We’ve already seen the Met Office admit their forecasts aren’t great at predicting storms from the East. I’m not sure EA river forecasts can model effectively with saturation levels this high so early in the season!!!

It’s going to be an interesting few months!


The modelling has been all over the place for this storm. Even when I went to sleep last night the various models I look at still were not sure where the centre of the low pressure was going to go. Some were putting the centre level with Milton Keynes. Others saying the centre along the south coast. They were also all giving different results for just how low the low pressure would go!

It ended up staying pretty far South, more than the ‘average model’.

All this means that the Channel Islands and North-West France got it a lot worse than expected, and us along the south coast got it not nearly as bad as expected.

I find it all very interesting!

The flood alert for the village has finally been stood down, after nearly 4 weeks!

The river level has now dropped enough that, even if the bank did breach, the water is now too low to cause any threat.

Still think it’s going to be a long winter yet though. The surrounding fields are still too soft to get any heavy machinery on and start carrying out repairs.

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Have spent the week looking at Sunday’s forecast circulate around ‘OK’ to ‘Meh’ to ‘Yuk’
Looks like Crisp Packet decision will have to be taken 5 mins before we march on

Lets hope everyone has done their cold injury training too, as it’s certainly looking chilly this weekend, as well as the rain!

If the weather is bad, we get a stand down decision about half an hour before we are due to move off.

What the hell is going on with all these windy storms, one after the other? It’s playing havoc with my long runs and I could do with them massively clearing off!

You’re telling me! Still up in Scotland and the flooding has been pretty extensive, with a lot of serious wind/snow in places.

Meant to be driving home on Saturday but the next storm that’s coming in is hitting during the day, so may end up driving over night tomorrow night instead!

Just had some of the heaviest hail I think I’ve ever seen… only lasted about 5 mins, but that was something else! The thin band of weather moving across west to east seems to be dropping some pretty servere westher! Damn strong wind too.

That’s the effects of climate change sadly. Increasing global temperature means more energy in the atmosphere and an increase in extreme weather events. We’ll have to get used to it I’m afraid.

Heading out on my run at noon, I was a little surprised to see the river overtopping the far bank and blocking my route.

Since then, the rain hasn’t stopped. There’s now massive areas of field run-off, standing water and flooded fields through ground saturation. The rain is due to continue here for at least a further 6 hours again. A flood warning has just been issued.

It’s going to be a long night for the people down the hill.

From the nearest measuring station. The top grey line denotes the highest recorded level in history

Today could get interesting.

Following a walk down to the river this morning, it’s clear that it’s currently at least as high as it was in October, when we had the concerns about the village flooding out. As of 0730, the river is no more than 2-3" off the top of the bank on the side of the village. Any more rain and it could overtop on the side where people live.

So what’s today’s weather forecast…?

So the South East is currently seeing some snow :partying_face:

Sadly not loads, just a sprinkle. But with lots of places still flooded, and lots of water still flowing on/ over roads, tomorrow mornings commute could be interesting given its all meant to freeze tonight! And that’s for most areas, not just SE.

Im here and this is classed as warm

That looks pretty similar to the situation around here this evening too!

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I’ve just left Brum to some very, very light flurries.

If it does snow, I hope it comes down hard tomorrow. Could do with another night away from parades yet :joy:

Had snow today, box ticked for the year

My car was down to -5C just now. That’s pretty damn cold for 10pm! I think there might be a few cars in hedges tomorrow morning on the drive to work :grimacing: