Uniform Queries (RAFAC/CCF/ATC) (Includes Rank Slides)

This is a page about question of uniform and rank slides.
Any question about uniform in any form or way.
Don’t be afraid, ask anything!

I don’t think that many posters would want to advertise which Sqn or Wg they’re in. Anyway, why would you need to know where they are if all you’re doing is answering questions on uniform or badging?

So, which Sqn and Wg are YOU in?

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thank you for your idea

I will take the post down now.

Thank you.

Uniform & rank slides? Surely that’s covered in 1358c?

Only other questions would be upkeep which I get but the millions of different ways and nuances have already been covered have they not?


It wasn’t an idea, me old son, it was a statement.

I’m often described as being 1 PTW. If I want people to know where I am, then I’ll tell them if it is pertinent.


Um, Confused - Why do we have now a new topic when its amply covered by the category description?

I’m afraid I don’t really understand what you are intending to achieve or if you are just asking to act as a survey of some description.

@Chief_Tech Thank you for messaging,
I am trying to make a survey for RAFAC in use of making a conclusion to my main RAFAC question " How many people need help with uniform"

On day 1 every single cadet does, most likely for the first 3 - 6 months, there are then those that continue to struggle due to lack of resource at home to work on their uniform.

From a staff side it depends on their background, but i’d estimate 50% of new staff need support with how to wear/prepare or which uniform to wear.