Tutors grounded?

No updates that I’ve heard of…

Nothing here, last thing I heard was the same as @mprentice1 said. All flying cancelled until at least September, but no guarantees that it starts up again then, just a guarantee it won’t start before then!

Anyone had any updates? Are we AEFing again?

We’ve had an email from our WAvO which implies we are flying again in October?

Same, we have allocated AEF places from Oct-Dec.

Nothing confirmed but yes, RAFAC wise we are planning for that as Plan A so I am not surprised WAvnOs are working on that basis. Whether it does is in the hands of 6FTS and whether they are happy we are safe to restart. Plan B therefore also exists!

From my recent chat with AOC 22 Gp = expect the 3rd airframe to have met the 150 hrs + engine oil test results towards end of Sep.

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3rd as in 3rd of the full fleet? So we have 3 Aircraft in the whole of the UK that can take cadets?

Or have they got x amount at 150hrs + checks is satisfactory for the fleet to go back?

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That was the stated limitation - 3 airframes with satisfactory checks after the 150 hrs oil inspection.

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So the question now becomes whether AEF will be at full capacity before or after the upgrade to whichever aircraft type comes next.