Tutors grounded?

Email through the grapevine informing that the whole Grob Tutor fleet has been grounded for safety checks and audit checks on airframes… hmm sounds familiar didn’t the same thing happen to Grob Vigilant fleet…

Guess we drop the ‘air’ from RAFAC for a while…

Has anyone heard anything about this ?

I’m sure if it’s true PPRuNe will be on to it shortly :sweat_smile:

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Might want to take the ‘air’ out of our perant organisation’s name whilst we’re at it…

I hope this isnt true as I have AEF opportunities coming up soon!

Based on the news article, I would say it is just the Hawks. When they make a decision to ground aircraft, it is usually due to a specific ‘serious fault’ on a specific airframe type or particular variant. It would only generally spread to other aircraft if the identified same part/issue is used on other aircraft as well.

There is an engineering issue, yes. It’s not a grounding but they do want to look into something before Tutors fly again. No doubt just 6FTS/Babcocks being cautious.

Recommend any unit with AEF this week checks (via WAvnO?) before travel…

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That sounds an awful lot like a grounding to me :rofl:


I’m told it’s a question of what actions/paperwork are required before they start flying again.

Informal ‘let’s just see if we have a real problem here, or we are over-reacting’ is a better response than ‘ground the lot!’ because the latter requires a lot higher level approval to undo.

I believe - unofficial view!

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If we take the Air out does that mean we can wear RFC cap badges?

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With everything being cyber based these days shouldn’t we rebadge to the 13th Signal Regiment?

I prefer the ROC cap badge, and they wore RAF uniforms!


exactly where i looked first upon seeing the thread…

No, because it refers to Flying! :rofl:


Anyone for balloons?

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Something something hot air something HQAC.

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Cranwell have canned this weekend due to, ‘Tutor unavailability’!



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We could always fly drones* instead


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