Tayside Aviation Bust

Got there in the end.

Just one provider or will they split it up, one in the north, one in the midlands and one on the south

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And excellent lesson in saying the word “pause” without saying the word “pause”.


For a flagship program you have got to love the forward planning
Current contract ended Mar 23 - tendering process ongoing and replacement supplier to be named in due course - then the obvious delays in getting course/standards etc approved

Apr 24 anyone? Shall we start a book or sweepstake?


November 2023

Standard public sector

this is exactly my thought and what i implied in my earlier post (#26) - what are the chances of those O18s who have been awarded the scholarship actually seeing it…the irony is those who missed out being U18 will be the first eligible by the time comes around!

It would be mighty awkward if we limited applicants to O18 and then delayed until the first batch aged out…


But entirely unsurprising.


If those cadets don’t get to use their scholarship because we screwed up the contract I can see legal action on the horizon.


you mean like a repeat of the DofE situation where parent kicked up a fuss and the organisation paid for the child to complete the exped via other means??

it would be an interesting precedent if set as “other means” would be a “non-service” aircraft that wasn’t an approved supplier…


Third hand information, so dunno how accurate, but is seems possible that a variety of “audit” factors (ISO standards, etc) were carried out as part of the tendering process - the bidding trg organisations were apparently visited in advance.

If correct, hopefully that will reduce the overall timeframe to get the successful bidder up & running.

Vested interest - one of our cadets will be going to the new provider!

I hear tented accommodation may be an option…

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Fingers crossed, but my money is on a lengthy delay due to a legal challenge brought about by an unsuccessful bidder.

Another flight school gone bust today :sweat:


Shoreham was massive!

…and then hey would qualify for the C wings !
Good plan :+1: