Tayside Aviation Bust

Looks like Tayside Aviation have stopped trading

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Am i right in thinking our contract with them to supply the Scholerships had already expired anyway, and we currently don’t have a new supplier?


Correct, but it doesn’t take the brains of an arch bishop to work out who the new supplier will be!

Who? I don’t really follow these things at all, so have no idea. Or is this one of those things that is really obvious once you realise?

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Not Tayside anymore :eyes:

We’re they this reliant on RAFAC money!!

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I’m guessing the Ascent Flight Training consortium

RAFAC never flies again then?

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Rhythms with Seeding Hedge!

Surely the Government never awarded a multi million pound contract to a financially unstable company…surely the government have never done that before …surely there would be some assurance and governance in awarding contracts…


At least its in a sensible location

Gotta feel for the students though, some would have lost tens of thousands of pounds today


I think they were financially viable, with our money. Like many companies, you lose your biggest contract and it’s goodnight Vienna


This article suggest the issue was pre pod flying from Covid that still had to be delivered and prevented new sales and therefore cash flow (as well as us)

If I’d been asked to guess, I would have assumed we made up very little of their overall income!

They had our contract for 30 years, clearly got complacent and assumed it would just be renewed again… and then wasn’t.

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4 students, 50 weeks a year :man_shrugging:

Be pretty chunky ÂŁÂŁÂŁ

I guess I had wrongly assumed they were a bigger outfit then they actually are :grimacing:

Don’t forget that they were paid for 12 hours of flight tuition per air cadet, and a lot were sent solo before the 12 hours.


Ah… gotcha!

Check out the board of directors!