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Every WO1 I remember commissioning that I know since I met my first RSM who commissioned went to Capt, I still talk to the same man who eventually left as a Colonel, but I’ve the years I’ve know s few and all went to Captain…that was all infantry, I have 2 mates who both commissioned from WO1 last year, both to Captain


I was AEOp branch late 1970’s, I don’t remember any stories of MACR whistling up the commissioned ranks like that; even if with lots of time as an airman, they would be commissioned as fg off (albeit with quite a bit of seniority). I caused a ruckus at St Mawgan when I returned from commission as a plt off (very short time as sgt AEOp) - I started the rumour that direct entry AEO’s were joining the Nimrod fleet. :rofl:

(Incidentally, the SNCO aircrew ranks originated in 1950.)


I thought they started during the very early part of WW2 to take airmen aircrew out of the cliuches of people like the SWO who had on some stations a habit of using aircrew airmen as general duties personel when they had been on operations during the night before.


Yep, but completely different structure, 1946-1950 - Aircrew I - IV, then Master.


Indeed to the present rank system. At least the RAF maintain just one rank for W/O or MACR.


Given the fact HQAC moved the line back another 6 months just a couple of days after announcing a line already 12 months into future, the original topic is dead.
Probably worth a revisit in April 2021 when the start will be at a guess, notionally October 2021.


Sorry, didn’t mean to open a diversion about Sgt Majors! I just wanted to show a lovely big badge that could be given out to our Command WOs!!


With sleeve tattoo included?? :rofl:


Something for Auntie Dawn to consider?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Sgts Major :wink:


In the US, but not in the UK it seems.


I think sergeants major did used to be used here. Back in the age of left handed salutes, before things like “decisions” were made.


Or before people forgot how English “works” as language.

It’s like people who say “this data” because they don’t realise that data is the plural of datum Uggh. :wink:

“Lords-Lieutenant”… There’s another one :smiley:
To pluralise a compound noun the plural goes to the principal element which, in a ‘noun adjective’ example, is the noun.
“Sergeant Major” - “Sergeant” is the noun, “Major” is an adjective. Hence - Sergeants Major.

But I digress.


PAT Testing :joy:


You’ve discovered my Achilles heel…


Oooh, PIN Number.

Ferrari F40.


Personal PIN Number!




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