Tate & Lyle rank slides



Have just heard that from 1 April all WO(RAFAC) crown rank slides will be replaced with the Tate & Lyle rank slides. Has anyone else heard about this.


I heard it was approved but there was notvthe money for the badges…


I heard that the idea had been shot down, but it wouldn’t surprise me if one groups of personnel aren’t communicating with another.

I doubt that sufficient supply of RAFAC T&L WO Slides exists to move the whole cadre across and, frankly, I’d rather they focussed on PTT badges for cadets.


I think there is even bigger issues than just PTT badges to sort out, but that has been discussed at length in numerous other threads!

Crack on i say, the T&L are the only rank slides that look half decent out of all our new ones for both officers and SNCO’s.


Early April fools?


If true this is a totally pointless waste of resources. What difference does it make what picture you have on the bits of cloth on your shoulders/chest?


Availible from April the 1st? I wonder if this came out of the same department that came up with the T&L story


Our monthly Wing Routine orders came out recently and stated they come into affect April 1st 2020


Bloody hell.

Ive just sewn the originals on my no1


It would make a bit of sense. I’ve never really understood the fact that the insignia for a cadet warrant officer is more ornate than that for a staff warrant officer.


It is from April 2020. Not this year I’m led to believe.


I’ve often wondered why it is what it currently is? As previously said the CWO rank slide looks better than the adult staff.


The CWO rank insignia has been like that for years I seem to recall it looking like a WO2 quartermaster insignia or something like that.


That’s correct, it’s simply blue-ified RQMS insignia.


In the old old days the British Military had 3 levels of WO

The Tate & Lyle was worn by WO1
The CWO Insignia was worn by WO2
The AWO Insignia was worn by WO3
The Military in general did away with WO3 and made them a different type of WO2 and the RAF did away with everything bar WO1.

The ATC had AWO who wore WO1 insignia and CWO who wore WO2 insignia, all nice and simple, until the regular WO’s started crying about 22 year old AWO’s having the same badge, so a compromise was reached and AWO went to the WO3 insignia until they had done a certain level of service and then they got T&L, this was then changed to stay at WO3 forever, then the RWO cadre cried and somehow blagged T&L for themselves and now we will be back at square 1 with all WO’s wearing T&L.

I wonder how much that has cost over the years in time and rankslides.


Everyone is assuming the RAFAC will pay for the new rank slides…I’ve had to buy all my own APO ones.


Wasn’t warrant officer three a very short lived Army-only Rank used right before World War II? I recall something about appointments just being ceased and it never being abolished, but who knows. They were out in charge of platoons and the like if I remember correctly.


They couldn’t have thought of this at the point very recently when they changed all of the rank slides anyway?


Ive asked the question to RCN. Will post a response when i get one.


The Crown Surrounded with Laurel Leaves in the insignia of an Army WO2 usually holding the appointment of Regimental Quarter Master Sergeant (RQMS). A Colour Sergeant/ CQMS/Staff Sgt badge of rank is three stripes and a small crown similar to a RAF Flight Sergeant.