Tate & Lyle rank slides



I think the fact that a strong rumour was out there that T&L were to be authorised from 01/04 but no year they had to put something out to stop people going out and buying them and wearing them from today…basically rushed to get comms out to clarifý not realising the issues


Probably necessary. I hear that to become one of The Twelve, you need to challenge one of the existing Twelve in hand-to-hand combat to the death. I think the popemobile thing will at least prevent any would-be challengers stealing a march on them.


ACF “cadets” wear the same badge as CFAVs/Army at all ranks…but ACF cadets & CFAVs are not allowed to use the term warrant Officer, they do not receive a warrant at any level so must be Cadet Sgt Major, or Cadet Regimental Sgt Major…and CFAVs are Sgt Major Instructor (SMI) or Regimental Sgt Major Instructor (RSMI)…talks have floated around fir years about actually issuing warrants but it’s never come to fruition


I’ve always loved a trial by combat! :popcorn:


I think I’d rather one of those tomorrow than what I actually have booked…


RWO’s, etc have a specific cane already


Never mind new rank slides I received a P45 yesterday from HQAC which stated my title was AWO.Also that my last day was 21st March 2019.Funny that as AWO hasnt existed for many years and I left last September!.Also since when was I an employee lol.


Aye, everything from HQ has the old rank abbreviations. It’s almost as though the fabled “Universe” system is incapable of being updated…


The Army does have a Ultimate SNCO tank badge! It belongs to Garrison Sergeant Vern Stokes of the Coldstream Guards. He is known as the Queens Sgt Major!

HMQ authorised this badge to distinguish the GSM from everyone else and was first given to GSM Billy Mott.

I’m sure some of the 12 would love a blue version!!


Commandant Air Cadets Warrant Officer Major Sergeant Of The World.


That badge is a bit gaudy, even by my tastes. They just schmooshed together the old (very old) sergeant major insignia and modern warrant officer insignia.

Maybe I think about rank insignia too much…


GSM is just of the London Division, the ASM trumps him. So even loftier heights for the mythical 12 to aspire to…


But oddly the ASM is commissioned but wears the rank of a WO.


The Academy Sergeant Major is not commissioned.


But the Army Sergeant Major that we were talking about is


Wheres the reference?

Sounds rather American…


I think I read that the Corps of Royal Engineers Sergeant Major is commissioned too. Something about them being a captain once they leave the office.



I’m sorry, this makes no sense. Regular forces Warrant Officers as WO1/FCPO (RN), WO1 (RM and Army) and WO/MAcr (RAF) if promoted to a ‘branch’ commission are normally ranked on seniority direct to Lt Cdr RN / Major RM&Army / Sqn Ldr RAF.

Why on earth would an Army Warrant Officer become promoted to a commission as a Captain, then retain the rank and title of a Warrant Officer?

So which billet / mess would they be a member of? Would they be paid compliments via hand salutes or with arms?

Please convince me this isn’t just a Wikipedia badfact. In which case the Gazette extract would just record a QM-style promoted-to-a-commission from the rank of WO


It’s up there, actually. The gazette extract lists Gavin Paton as being made a captain.