Tate & Lyle rank slides



Of course, my bad


WO3 was originally used for a CSM as they were Junior to an RQMS, I don’t think it was around for very long (it may well have been a wartime only thing) and I believe it was only the Army who had them. (Had the RAF ever had different grades of WO?)


Right at the start, yes. It was actually sergeant major I&II. They dropped the II right before World War II.

The Army dropped III because there were so many new people available to commission that they didn’t need them leading platoons.


So its been confirmed by RC(N) although there is no set date for it so no one is to rush out and buy any.


WOIII was Platoon Sergeant Major. A very short-lived Army rank from 1938-40.


There has now been an IBN (004) issued regarding this.

Implimentation date: 1 April 2020


Confirmed by IBN 004 2019 - RANK BADGES FOR THE RAF AIR CADET WARRANT OFFICER CADRE effective from 01 Apr 2020


IBN has been updated with a new implementation date.

TBD but no earlier than October 2020 due to contractual issues.

Just 1 working day after initial release :rolleyes:



I also remembered this morning that this will also require re-badging of No1s (and No5s for those who are into that sort of thing), so I guess I have an excuse to ditch the 1s :slight_smile:


Shal we have a whip round for HQAC? I think i have a couple of pounds in my car i can donate :joy:


to be fair that is forward thinking for HQAC.

the CFC moved a handful of times only weeks before the intended deadline.
forward thinking 12 months and pushing this back a further 6, ok is 50% longer, but is better than waiting 11 months only for “contractual issues” to be realised.

i’m impressed given recent performance


I’m glad they’ve finally picked one option…

For a long time we’ve been the only cadet force whose Warrant Officers don’t wear the badge ‘appropriate’ to our rank.
We’ve had a defacto two-tier system the existence of which was denied… “We don’t have WO2… But the 12 of us are more important than the rest of you!”

The choice was obvious:
a. Formally create a two-tier WO system, like the other cadet forces have, and badge appropriately, or
b. If everyone is a WO1 rank then give us all the same correct WO1 badge.


Surely we need to think of the real victims here.

How on earth can we now recognise the specialness of the original 12 posts? If everyone wears the same badge they fought so hard to win they will need something more. Canes? sashes? We need to know!

Once everyone is special. No one is.


I am thinking something along these lines for the fabled 12


They’ll be after the “conductor” style Coat of Arms and Laurels as the CASWO has next… :wink:


ooooh this sounds like a CFAV version of the Lanyard - is it yellow, blue or JL Red/purple/burgundy?


Out of interest what do ACF equivalent if CWO wear?


If I remember correctly it’s a crown for cadet company sergeant major and the full coat of arms for cadet regimental sergeant major.

I’m guessing that VGS pilots are going to go from ‘warrant officer aircrew’ to ‘master aircrew’ at the same time?


Aye, that’s what I’ve seen.


So this change announced in March THIS YEAR pushed back to October NEXT YEAR from April NEXT YEAR, because of contractual issues. So when this was put out last week weren’t the problems already there?
You have to wonder how they get through the days. This wasn’t just dreamed up last week, it will have spoken about for a long time. I predict October 2021 before too long.
OK they’ve pushed it back now, rather than as said the piecemeal way that the CFC and contract was. but it is still quite amazing that you need an extra 6 months in a few days. With no real explanation as to why other than a vague "contractual issues, which begs the question what contract.