Space - The Final Frontier

How do we not yet have a general thread about space exploration and related activities? With so many private launches & missions, in addition to the likes of NASA, there’s plenty to discuss.

Unfortunately, the first topic is a sad one. Humanity’s first extraterrestrial aerospace mission has come to an end, following a forced landing by Ingenuity:

Well we don’t have any one tread but there are other threads about specific events

And there’s the #space tag

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I don’t think it’s actually that sad.

Plucky little blighter was designed to carry out 5 test flights over a month, and ended up venturing out 72 times over 3 years.

Getting to fly around Mars and be millions of miles away from people is a pretty good life if you ask me.



Second lander in 2 months to end up on its side :crazy_face: