Space - The Final Frontier

How do we not yet have a general thread about space exploration and related activities? With so many private launches & missions, in addition to the likes of NASA, there’s plenty to discuss.

Unfortunately, the first topic is a sad one. Humanity’s first extraterrestrial aerospace mission has come to an end, following a forced landing by Ingenuity:

Well we don’t have any one tread but there are other threads about specific events

And there’s the #space tag

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I don’t think it’s actually that sad.

Plucky little blighter was designed to carry out 5 test flights over a month, and ended up venturing out 72 times over 3 years.

Getting to fly around Mars and be millions of miles away from people is a pretty good life if you ask me.



Second lander in 2 months to end up on its side :crazy_face:

Time to get excited again! SpaceX announced the flight plan for Starship Flight 3. Could potentially be as soon as next week, if they get permission.

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SpaceX hinted that Starship (in the distant future) will have a slight spin on route to Mars to
simulate artificial gravity.

As to Lunar landings - there is an excellent video on YouTube regarding the Surveyor missions in the sixties - highly successful soft landers using the very basic technology of the time.

When/where was this shared :thinking:

She’s a beauty


Starship will have a small spin on the way to Mars. Even a tiny gravity vector is better than none.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk)March 6, 2024

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Back when Starship was being dreamed up, there were plans of having multiple Starships that could dock together once in orbit and then great a station of sorts that could spin during Martian transits to give a small amount of gravity. There was talk of a ‘butt-to-butt’ style docking, suing an umbilical type system to essentially rotate two of them around a much bigger circle.

Cool stuff, but many years off.

Launch of the last Delta Heavy IV going up at about 1845 ish.

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Go for launch, 5 mins! Now holding…

Scrubbed :pensive:

Sat here with my dinner all ready :sweat_smile:

Never mind… :frowning:

Well I heard them say “24 hour turnaround” so sounds like it’s same time, same place tomorrow.

Anyone just watch Space X nail their 4th Starship Superheavy test flight? Camera feeds all the way down to the ocean on both the booster and the ship. Incredible.


And the flap holding on…

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The flap that could! I expect the others were in the same state. Feed looking down on left aft flap showed plasma leakage through hinges early on in the reentry too.

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