SpaceX Starship - Intergrated Flight Test 2

The FAA have published their latest Operation Plan, including the second launch of Starship on Friday 17th!

PRIMARY: 11/17/23 1300Z-1720Z
BACKUP: 11/18/23 1300Z-1720Z
11/19/23 1300Z-1720Z


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Hype hype hype! Here’s to a big boom on Friday!

Although to caveat . . . apparently a launch license hasn’t actually been granted . . .

I thought Elon tweeted (Xed??) last night that they did have a licence?

Only that he’s expecting to get a license in time . . .

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Ah, so Elon time then. He says ready for ‘a Friday launch’. So what, Friday the 9th of Feb 2024?

It will buff out… probably.

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The Launch License has been granted, we’re all ready for a Friday launch from 1300 (GMT) onwards!

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That’s some big public liability insurance!

“Hi, Direct Line? I’ve got a quote from another provider - just wondered if I add $250 excess and fit a black box if you can bring it down a bit? Yeah… So the current quote is for $548,000,000…”

Launch postponed until Saturday by the looks of it. They’ve had to de-stack to replace a grid-fin.

I’m convinced that Elon and his close relatives (Kimbal, Tosca and mother Maye) are really an alien family whose spaceship was destroyed upon crash landing on Earth. His mother in particular looks like she’s just stepped out of a Star Trek episode, or either of the Dune films. She’s got silver hair, and they’ve all kept their weird (to us earthlets) names. :flying_saucer:

Since then it’s been the classic ''marooned on a primitive planet full of violent savages" sci-fi story from the 1950s: he’s built a starship from that golden era - one that can take off and land vertically (making it technically more advanced than both Apollo and Artemis), in order to GTF off this hellhole and return to somewhere a lot more civilised and morally advanced: not that a very high bar has to be cleared in either case. :rocket:

“The Earthlets have developed in a few areas, but have not evolved in any way.” :alien:


Looking good for a launch in about half an hour. Prop loading is currently underway!

30 seconds!


Who needs super heavy boosters anyway!

Honestly that launch couldn’t have gone much better. Now we wait an hour to see how re-entry goes!

I want a fast forward button!!!