So I hear that a "Camp"


Well, that wouldn’t be completely useless. Would it include the pointless “cascading” that goes on? :slight_smile:


So an interesting conundrum. You don’t use ‘bcc’, how do you get an email out to everyone without doing what has been done by originator?

We all know that cascading down CoC does not work. It will get stuck in someone’s ‘inbox’ on route or something added/deleted by reader before passing in. We all know Regions, Wings and, dare I say, OCs where the email will get stuck for weeks before disseminating.

We all get Bader emails coming through to the account about things happening on Sharepoint, what’s so different here?

The issue is not the originator, it’s the responses being sent without realising that they are going across RAFAC.


JSP101 already fills that function.

Notes about email
Send only UNCLASSIFIED email via the Internet:

  1. From. The originator’s email address is entered automatically when the message is
    2 . Sent. The date and time are entered automatically when the email is sent.
  2. To. These are the action addressees. Use distribution or contact lists if appropriate.
    Always consider if all addressees need to receive the email.
  3. Cc. This is the abbreviation for ‘carbon copy’ and the box is where information addressees
    are entered. Do not send Cc email to people ‘just in case’ – especially to superiors. Use
    distribution or contact lists if appropriate. Do not use Bcc (‘blind carbon copy’). If you add a
    recipient’s name to Bcc box, a copy of the message is sent to that recipient, but that name is not
    visible to any other recipient of the message.


I’ve been considering this number.

We have ~950x ATC units each with 7 accts

Lets add a 20 per Wing for various SME, deputies, WSO and WCO.

20 x 34 = 680

So ~7330 so far.

Add to those a similar number of Region accts for the CoC for those SMEs
6 x 20 = 120

This doesnt include the 2x dozen or more SATT accts there must be per Region.

We then have other accounts for specialist events, RIAT, JL, Aerospace, QAIC camps etc

Plus a handful for each VGS

And all of this before considering the CCF

Not forgetting several other HQAC email accts.

It must be pushing 8500+ right??8


On a serious note…

Is there not a simple block for certain distribitions?
At my work for instance i cannot send a full department email too the 200 or so persons by using the “teamA” distribution. I have to ask the secretary to send what i need sharing as my account doesn’t permit sending such an email.

If i recieve one, even hitting reply all doesn’t work as it defaults to “reply” only…

…would it take much for BADER helpdesk to impliment this???


We’re an organisation heavily reliant on technology, full of technophobes and the “willfully ignorant”.

Except a certain Sqn Leader “AMBCS”… Associate Member of the British Computer Society… The self-professed " Chartered Institute for IT". :man_facepalming:

The initial send-to-all aside, the command team (who appear to have kicked all this off) should be expected to have a little more nouse about them. Surely they have their own group chat or team productivity app/workspace to communicate through?

Now, I do understand the compulsion to cast the message far and wide, but…


There could have been a little less of a blanket bombing (what happened to “need to know”?), but the ensuing cluster was not the fault of poor ol’ Jess. We’re all well accustomed to ignoring irrelevant emails. People took exception to those directly involved broadcasting a conversation to the world.

I think the onslaught was merely an attempt to raise awareness of the “reply all” issue. It happens regularly - perhaps just not on that scale.

Which brings me back to technology… Many apps default to “reply all” and users are too lazy to change it or take an extra tap, or simply don’t realise.


There is, as an example the whole RAFAC distribution list is blocked so only certain people can use it.

The issue here was using multiple Region lists and not using BCC. They should maybe implement a filter that stops emails being sent to more than X amount of recipients to avoid something like this in the future but the whole region distribution lists can be useful.


i think the issue here is a lot of little things.
1 - not using BCC yes
but also
2 - a mass who organisation mail for only 1% who need to know
3 - access to reply all to distribution lists from the smallest acct
4 - some of those 1% hitting reply all and using the email as a discussion upon the topic


There was only one reply all that was relevant to the subject by the MC person at HQ

All others were frustration I think.

This all comes down to a lack of an internal communication policy.


oh - i got at least two.

calling committee members and a request for a draft document…


I didn’t think the committee members was relevant to the subject but that the wrong email was replied too


When you look at the address lists for some emails, they are mental, everyone and their dog. I’m pretty certain that 80% to 90% on the lists don’t need to get them. Thankfully we have a delete option, most useful function in email.
Why not just have an all ARC, WExO, OC and Adj list, the ARC and WExO then pass onto specific people not on that list and not on a squadron. Or would that require those originating them to think.

I do wonder how we got by in the days of snail mail, which seemed far more targeted.

Be thankful that there wasn’t a large file attached, as happened at work once and caused all sorts of mayhem, when someone got it replied all to say thanks.


But for an organisation so reliant on technology, all learning of using systems has to be by ‘touch’ or using knowledge acquired elsewhere or working on the premise that if you close and not save, you can start again.
Why this reply all thing wasn’t stopped after the first one, as someone should have noticed. is the biggest mystery.


ACO camp open to everyone - sure I can see why we don’t need to include everyone telling them information about something they’re eligible for…


I don’t get the “don’t use BCC” thing. The functionality exists, so use it, and things like this simply don’t happen.

Just include a list within the email saying who’s been copied in and that there’s no need to forward.

But I’ve been told off for common sense before…


Did the VGS all really need to be told? Did the All Squadron Presidents?


I don’t know about the ATC but the CCF deadline for applications for camp had already passed. Why not just email the point of contact at each unit that applied?


Yeah it had passed. We’d not long before had a “sorry for the delay in confirming places” email. Which now I look was similarly blanket-bombed.


Which part of everyone wouldn’t the list I suggest, cover? Sending an email to all OC and Adj should get to 95%+ of CFAV. Sending to every single email is pure bone idle laziness. If some WSO or RSO or minor account holder didn’t get to hear first-hand and got upset, give them a Kleenex.
The fact in this case some amoeba(s) then decide to do reply all is down to blatant stupidity and you cannot account for that.
Youi can be rest assured when something comes out saying somethings stopped or happening, it gets to the people on the squadron PDQ.


Even adding all the WSO/RSO isn’t that big a deal, but when all of the committees and such are being added it’s just far too much.

For me OC, Adj, WHQ, RHQ job done, or even RHQ and let them distribute!