So I hear that a "Camp"


Brilliant :joy:


Does anyone remember the all OC one of these a few years back where HQAC started getting it with both barrels?


A serious point in between the mayhem…

Can someine explain…
" potentially breaching confidentiality and data regulations"
…what is meant by this??

Its an internal mail system. What confidentiality is being breeched? Particularly when any “data” is offered voluntarily simply by joining in and hitting reply all…!



Who knows? But I removed the name of the Skegness camp…oh (Removed non offensive word) I wrote it again!

And why are people still replying hours later?


That particular redacted individual is great.


I was being intentionally ironic from the off. It took that person a while to catch on


Who’s restarting this late on a saturday night? :joy:
Alcohol for the win


I nearly did early today.

Then saw sense and deleted them all just incase temptation beat me. Or, more specifically, that very persuasive devil on my shoulder.

Thankfully, i did delete them all. Coz the devil made me drink rum shortly thereafter!!


Do you need help?




Late last night:

“Where did Mr Cheese go? I miss him.”


If its medicinal, you’re fine :wink:


Does anyone else feel that threat a little less than intimidating?

The originator still hit reply all and still failed to put all the emails into BCC


Anyone willing to risk it?


I know the person concerned, she was a cadet on my sqn… :wink:

I might message her some advice…


What like “bore off, you’ve made yourself look silly in front of 3000+ people” PS “learn how to use email”


I think she’s been sent lots of advice from various of the Bader people about using BCC on long distribution emails.

The bader team have also tried blocking the thread a few times but it doesn’t appear to be working.


Really we are looking at something that maybe shouldn’t have been an email…

What is interesting is that no one reply all’d to the original Cyprus emails (this is the 4th)


So whos looking foward ri having to complete the email ettiquette ultilearn module then?