So I hear that a "Camp"


Has been cancelled…anyone one else get the 20 emails on the subject :roll_eyes:


Keep replying :joy::joy:




Its been a fun night so far :joy::joy:


Love the we all have spare time email


And just when you think they have ceased, captain obvious repeating a email that has been mentioned more than once :confused: I’ve seen 1 or 2 users of this fine forum posting the “stop replying all” :smiley:


If only they could just reply to the culprit . . .


I think in the excitement of replying, they missed this :joy:


Reading it all has kept me amused at least. You have to have some fun!!!


I agree, though I bet some spoilsport will try and bring disciplinary action against those replying tongue in cheek


That was the best use of Bader mail i’ve seen in years!!!

Well done all!


Use your general account, untraceable


The i like cheese was hillarious…someones upset a WgCo though


Over an hour later and someone feels the need to reply :roll_eyes:


To be fair, if your inbox is full from one night of spam, you need to clean up your inbox.

Its not rocket science.


Should we do a FOI for the public domain :joy:


Who’s Amanda?


I knew a girl called Amanda…




Personally this email trail and the responses has given me the best Cadet related laugh in a long time. Certainly brightened up a dull night at work!